Who Put Tampons in the Fridge?!

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GROSS ALERT: Eggs are chickens’ periods.

Egg-laying is the result of chickens’ ovulation cycles. If you wouldn’t squeeze out your girlfriend’s tampon to make an omelet, it doesn’t make sense to cook a chicken’s period for breakfast … YUCK!


Besides being disgusting, eating eggs supports cruelty to animals. Chickens are crammed with several other chickens into cages so small that they can barely turn around, lie down comfortably, or spread a single wing. And because male baby chicks are useless to the egg industry, they are thrown into grinders while they’re still alive and able to feel pain!

Egg-Laying Hens Gif

You your friends and family, right? Then the fact that they are eating chicken periods must really piss you off! Here’s what you need to do to spread the word and save chickens:

peta2 pad on eggstampon-eggs

  • Then just tape your printable tampon or pad on the cartons of eggs in your fridge at home to help your family members learn the gross truth about eggs!
  • Oh, and don’t forget to click the “Get Points” tab above to collect your points! 


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  • Profile photo of alexismyname

    366 days ago

    I wish I could do this, but I go to college and everyone would know it was me. I say that sort of thing all the time, but this could get me a disciplinary board hearing.

  • Profile photo of Pantherxxl12

    582 days ago

    I’m gonna do this in my store

    • Profile photo of SaraAnn-C

      578 days ago

      Woah there! We only want you doing this on the food already inside of your house. :) Grocery store food is private property, so you can get in trouble for that.

  • Profile photo of unitoria

    584 days ago

    Omg my family would be sooo mad if they found this in the fridge haha

  • Profile photo of staypositive

    594 days ago

    can we do this to a carton that’s closed at a store? my boyfriend & I are both vegan & we live together alone so there’s no chance of eggs being here lol

  • Profile photo of marinaqasim

    601 days ago

    OMG! This is going to be weird and daring!

  • Profile photo of equivamp

    606 days ago

    But…people do eat human menstrual blood

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      605 days ago

      Not any people we know. >_<

  • Profile photo of justamermaid

    613 days ago

    We raise our own chickens and they are treated as family pets. We do everything we can to make sure they are happy and healthy so i have no problem eating their eggs. But it really is gross to think about

    • Profile photo of therebel

      603 days ago

      I have chickens too who ever says eggs are chickens periods don’t know how chickens function. But what is true is that those eggs are 100% cruel

  • Profile photo of ashleyrae173

    621 days ago

    If I don’t have a printer, can I just make my own?

    • Profile photo of SaraAnn-C

      620 days ago

      Absolutely! You can do that for any mission. :)

  • Profile photo of alisstar

    630 days ago

    That’s Nasty! I never thought about it that way!!

  • Profile photo of VEGANGIRL3080

    633 days ago

    I love the shirt! SUPER CUTE

  • Profile photo of SherriR

    635 days ago

    We have a farm where the chickens run loose and are very happy and no killing :o)

  • Profile photo of sonali

    638 days ago

    omg! im never going to eat an egg again! disgusting!!

  • Profile photo of AliceEales

    638 days ago

    I don’t have a printer so um..ideas anyone?

    • Profile photo of veggielion

      634 days ago

      Do what I did, make my own. I put an actual tampon with the eggs and attached a note with the “Eggs are chicken periods” Note, if you have a squeamish roommate….be prepared for her to yell that it is disgusting.

  • 639 days ago

    yeah, i do believe that a tampon/pad isn’t period. just saying

  • Profile photo of AngelaKitten

    639 days ago

    I love the shirt! SUPER CUTE

  • Profile photo of paranormalfreak

    640 days ago

    i dont have a printer so can i write the message on a clean pad instead?

    • Profile photo of Sara-W

      640 days ago

      haha yeah, that’d be great!

  • Profile photo of katieann95

    640 days ago

    never mind I see where it says that at the bottom :)

  • Profile photo of katieann95

    640 days ago

    to win the shirt is it just for U.S residents only? im in Canada and was just woundering.

  • Profile photo of luciferia

    640 days ago

    Can i just draw the pad?

    • Profile photo of Sara-W

      640 days ago

      Yeah, that’s fine, but if you can, try using the printer at your library or at a friend’s house. :)