Become a Human Meat Tray

Every single year, billions of cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals are abused on factory farms and violently killed in slaughterhouses.

NONE of these animals wants to be confined to filthy sheds for life. NONE wants to be drugged and crippled under his or her own weight. And NONE wants to be killed for meat. I mean … would you?

Help your friends make the connection that flesh is flesh, no matter who it comes from, with our meat-tray signs!

Here’s all you need to do:

Step one:

Download and print out your very own meat-tray sign.

peta2 meat tray sign

Step two:

Tape or pin it to your clothes and strut around town. Just make sure that wherever you go, lots of people see it!

peta2 meat tray sign

meat tray mission

Step three:

Submit a pic of you with your sign for 1,000 Street Team points by using the form below. Once you submit it, you’ll also score Street Team* points that you can use later to get FREE peta2 swag, such as T-shirts, books, and more!

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