• rawritsaliciaa

    Nothing too out of the ordinary. Love Game of Thrones, helping animals, my siblings, and my girlfriend. Partial metalhead, and full-time rock lover.

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  • bstarke99

    A Country Christian girl just trying to help animals and go vegan to help and be healthier!

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  • kittykatrawr9

    I've been a vegetarian for about ten years and just recently switched to being a vegan. I have loved animals my whole life, especially cats. Sometimes I think I am part cat ^_^ because I love them so much. I have a wonderful boyfriend of 3 years that I love with all my heart. I also love music, horror movies, and haunted houses.

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  • habitualextract

    hi, i' m quinn. i currently live in wisconsin but once i graduate and make my way out in the "real world" i want to move to portland, oregon. i have a passion for making short films and fondly enjoy animals.

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  • vaaleriediiana

    Just a teen girl who is obsessed with bands and animals! <3 ^.^

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  • brookebielon

    Yogi, Raw till 4 Vegan, Beach lover, and rebel with a cause. Universal love; we are all connected.

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  • sadinath

    Live and Let Live! Enjoy each day to its fullest cuz lost time never returns! Keep Faith, Hope, Trust and Patients Always!

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  • brittanyrao

    senior @ the University of Alabama, majoring in biology with a minor in food & nutrition; i plan to attend veterinary school following graduation; i absolutely love all animals & want to use my education to help them stay healthy!

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  • link102

    Hey everyone! Greetings from Russia. I'm a vegan since 2014, January. But I thought about it for 2 years. I became a vegan because of animal caring. Hmm... What can I say more? Alright, my political view is left side and radical (anarchist). I'm living in a small town in Europe part of Russia. There's really small group of people like me, and It's really hard to make organization or smt like that. By the way, my GF is vegan too, so big thanks for her, she always help me in different situations connected with vegan idea. About the vegan burgers.... It's really nice idea, but unfortunately it can't be realized in most of the schools in my country. Because we don't have any choice in cafeteria, we must eat that cooks will prepare. Or don't eat there. So do I. We studying usually for 4-5 hours, so for me It's usual to grab an apple for quick lunch. I can't find any vegan products in shops such as tofu, soy meat/milk and another ones. But there's a lot of vegetables and fruits, so I won't give up :D Also I have a garden, where I can plant and take fresh, free(almost) products every day (if it's not winter) I support some of the organizations like ALF, ELF and another. Will try to change the world despite of punishment. Thanks for reading that useless sh#t, and sorry for my awful english :3 P.S If you have some questions or free cookies pm me

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