Your Homework Can Save Lives

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Seals are cute, fluffy, and ridiculously awesome, but sadly, springtime is the worst time of year to be a seal in Canada. Every spring, thousands of seals (mostly babies) die for their fur. Sealers beat, shoot, and even hook seals through their eyes and cheeks and then drag them across the ice—sometimes skinning the pups while they’re still conscious. Everyone else in the world knows that these horrifying deeds sound more like the plot of a zombie film than the act of sane humans.

peta2 Your Homework Can Save Lives

We want you to use your homework to help seals. Homework (groan!) sucks, I know, but not when you’re speaking out against the fatal bludgeoning of seals. Here are some ideas to help shift your minds into hero mode:

  • English class: The next time that you have to write an essay, why not write it about the seal slaughter?
  • Debate class: Are you in a debate class? Suggest your next topic be about how insane this practice is.
  • Social studies/current events class: If your teacher has you write about a different current event each week, writing about the needless slaughter of baby seals is the perfect way to educate your classmates and raise awareness.
  • Art class: If you have some mad art skills, use ’em to raise awareness about the cruel slaughter!

These are just four of many ways that you can use school assignments to help spread the word against this barbaric event. Submit a copy of your project for points!



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    1023 days ago

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    A classmate and I did a report on opposing animals in zoos. I was so surprised at some of the conditions that animals live in! Like the fact that tigers and lions have thousands of times larger areas in the wild. And that elephants in zoos have dozens more diseases than those in the wild. Foot diseases from the concrete and so much more…

  • Profile photo of patriciagrace

    1030 days ago

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    i might do this if my homestudies teacher will let me

  • Profile photo of jammin14

    1032 days ago

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    i watched video an was crying through out the whole thing :c

  • Profile photo of ash4rox

    1038 days ago

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    Omg! I already did this like two weeks ago, I did an essay and public speaking in my english class about these poor seals and animals who have to be skinned!