Your Homework Can Save Lives

One of the best ways to spread the word about animal rights is to sneak the message into your papers, speeches, and projects during school! Since you have to do the work anyway, why not use it to change the world?


We want you to use your homework to help animals! Homework (groan!) sucks, I know, but not when you’re speaking out against cruelty to animals. Here are some ideas to help shift your minds into hero mode:

These are just four of many ways that you can use school assignments to help animals. Check out peta2’s Homework Help section for tons of topics and sources. Make sure to hover over the main topics to see more!


Don’t forget to submit your project for points!

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  • Profile photo of potterhead

    1564 days ago

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    A classmate and I did a report on opposing animals in zoos. I was so surprised at some of the conditions that animals live in! Like the fact that tigers and lions have thousands of times larger areas in the wild. And that elephants in zoos have dozens more diseases than those in the wild. Foot diseases from the concrete and so much more…

  • Profile photo of patriciagrace

    1571 days ago

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    i might do this if my homestudies teacher will let me

  • Profile photo of jammin14

    1573 days ago

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    i watched video an was crying through out the whole thing :c

  • Profile photo of ash4rox

    1579 days ago

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    Omg! I already did this like two weeks ago, I did an essay and public speaking in my english class about these poor seals and animals who have to be skinned!