peta2 Guides to Activism

Activists don’t wear capes and masks, and they don’t have superhuman strength. They are regular Joes and Janes who stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. There’s a little activist in all of us, and we’re here to help you tap into yours.

Being an activist isn’t always about marching through the streets or doing a sit-in. Help animals by integrating activism into your daily routine. Leave a trail of stickers and leaflets wherever you go, wear animal rights buttons and clothes, and tell everyone that chickens are often still fully conscious as their throats are cut or when they are dumped into tanks of scalding hot water. Read on for more ideas.

Join the peta2 Street Team
As a member of the peta2 Street Team, you can easily take action to save animals. We can supply the fliers, stickers, posters, videos, advice, and moral support. We can even hook you up with points that you can trade in for cool animal rights gear. E-mail with questions and to get hooked up with free campaign materials, and visit the peta2 message boards for inspiration and advice from other activists.

Guide to Tabling at Shows
You don’t have to be a scenester to enjoy setting up peta2 tables at shows. You don’t even have to like the music at all—just keep smiling and collecting sign-ups.

Protests 101
Want to hit the streets to raise awareness for animals? Check out our guide to getting the word out! After all, protests usually involve little more than passing out leaflets and holding posters in front of your target.

Remember, doing activism is as much a part of a day’s work as brushing your teeth or washing your face. If personal hygiene’s not your strong suit, there’s still hope—helping stop experimenters from swabbing burning chemicals into bunnies’ eyes is a bit more motivating than fighting bad breath and acne.



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