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Approximately 925 million people worldwide do not have enough to eat, and 5 million of them will die of starvation this year. YOU can be part of the solution just by going vegan!

Make the connection combo pack

Do your friends care about people and world hunger? Order our action pack and urge them to make the connection! Our limited-edition pack is completely FREE and comes with everything that you need to make your friends “get it”— leaflets, pledge sheets, tips on going vegan, and NEW stickers. What are you waiting for? Order it now and make a difference!



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    1036 days ago

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    What Is In It?

    • Profile photo of Sara-W

      1035 days ago

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      It has leaflets, petitions, and more info. 🙂

  • Profile photo of sarahmoreau

    1186 days ago

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    world hunger is not caused by eating meat, world hunger is caused because some people are two tight to give money to the poor. i most of you guys don’t even give money to the poor witch is sad. you all sit on your couch every day crying because people are killing animals, while some people have no food and you’re crying about animals.

    • Profile photo of sandhia1

      1113 days ago

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      I agree but we can people can express there feelings and be understood so if a poor person needed to use a phone they could ask a random person and use it to call some organization that helps the needy. Do you you think animals can do that?

    • Profile photo of cheesefairy12

      941 days ago

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      We cry about lost lives. It does not matter if they are animal or human, because they all have feeling. They all have pain. They all suffer. Just like many animal rights activist, I protest and help to my best ability for all problems that I think need it. Starvation, abuse, LBGTQ, global warming, animals, etc. I agree with you. Starvation is caused by greed. But they’re are other reasons too. Please respect all beings as equals. Hugs, Love, and Hummingbirds <3 :3

  • 1200 days ago

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    Appreciate it for helping out, excellent information. The Top 10 Jewellery Brand in the World

  • Profile photo of Pamela

    1200 days ago

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    Just received my action pack for make the connection! it’s great 🙂

  • Profile photo of sua10

    1243 days ago

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    I am a vegetarian for life!!!! 🙂