Save Animals and Make Money at the Same Time!

Posted by  Grace Woodward

Are you a vegan college student in the U.S. or Canada who’s juggling taking classes, working, and trying to save the world all at the same time? If so, peta2’s Campus Representative Program is for you! We strive to help dedicated students transform their schools and spread animal rights awareness on campuses across North America.

Our program is designed to give college activists the resources and guidance they need in order to create fun and effective outreach events. We’ll pay you $500 a semester, plus additional funding for on-campus events, so that you can cut down on hours spent clearing tables at your part-time job and dedicate your free time to saving animals! As a peta2 Campus Representative, here are some of the things you can look forward to doing.

Make a Lasting Change at Your School

We help guide students through the process of making big changes, like getting an all-vegan food station in your dining hall, ending the sale of SeaWorld tickets, or getting a dissection-choice policy implemented. You can be the change you want to see at your school.


Organize Regular Actions on Campus to Speak Out for Animals

Here are just a few examples of the actions our Campus Reps have loved doing in the past:

  • Holding vegan food and drink giveaways
  • Screening films such as Cowspiracy and Earthlings
  • Hosting guest speakers and debates to discuss animal rights issues
  • Setting up peta2’s touring exhibits on campus
  • Organizing demonstrations 
  • Installing Guide to Going Vegan stands in the dining halls 
  • Designing their own actions—and getting $$$ to make it happen


Connect With Other Awesome Vegans

A great benefit of the program is getting to interact with other student activists. We build a network in which students can share ideas, encouragement, and feedback with each other. Campus Reps are also paired with peta2 staff members, so you’ll be able to get the support and materials you need.

There’s also an opportunity to meet peta2 staffers and other peta2 Reps IRL at the annual Campus Rep Summit every summer! Check it out—we have Campus Reps all over the place! 


Requirements for the program include:

  • Organizing a campaign, with the help of peta2, to make a positive change for animals at your school
  • Arranging eight outreach actions during the semester that bring awareness of cruelty to animals to your campus
  • Staying in contact with your assigned peta2 program adviser
  • Documenting the work that you do to share with your peta2 adviser

Apply below to  be considered for the Spring 2017 semester!

Note: Only U.S. and Canadian applicants currently attending a university will be considered.