RIP, peta2 Message Boards

Posted by  Rachelle Owen

Hi! Thanks for checking out peta2—you clicked on a link that would have directed you to the peta2 Boards, but we’ve recently closed them. Message boards aren’t really a thing anymore, so we hope you understand.

We still you and want to help you get active for animals, so be sure to connect with us:

  • Download the peta2 app. It is FREE and gives you the latest and greatest ways to raise your voice for animals.



Thanks for being awesome and being part of the social justice movement of our time.

*Message & data rates may apply. Periodic messaging. STOP to end. HELP for info. More:



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  • Profile photo of VEGANGIRL3080

    15 days ago

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    I’m so sad about this

  • Profile photo of Helena8664

    30 days ago

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    “Message boards aren’t really a THING anymore, so we hope you understand.” Well, THAT’S kind of disappointing, that you would twist the reason to be some sort of “if you do this, you’re lame”. Who, in this crowd, goes with something just because others are or are not. Ugh. Boards are totally still a thing for people dedicated and devoted to a certain topic/ fandom (and wanting to grow by bouncing ideas off like-minded individuals). I, personally, gained a lot from the peta2 boards. So let’s call it what it really was – It’s a shame that trolls took over and ruined the boards for all of us. RIP peta2 message boards. I’ll miss your real life tips, tricks & information.

  • Profile photo of AliceinPonderland

    32 days ago

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    I’m so sad about this! I know they weren’t used too much but they were really helpful when you did have a question or to share petitions etc. Also kind of reminded me that there were other real people here doing the same thing as me!

  • Profile photo of Kazooo

    33 days ago

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    Please bring it back, how else are we supposed to ask about stuff? 🙁

  • Profile photo of babypanda

    34 days ago

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    Please bring it back! We need to be able to communicate and share ideas with each other. Just because there was a small hack means that people are worried about what we are accomplishing when we work together.