10 Things Crystal Would Rather Be Doing

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Posted October 11, 2012 by peta2 staff

Crystal, who plays a veterinarian’s “pet” on the NBC show Animal Practice, is a capuchin monkey who has been exploited in a number of commercials, TV shows, and movies. But what do you think she would rather be doing than performing silly tricks in front of a camera?

1. Snoozing

monkey sleeping

2. Shakin’ her tail feathers

monkey tails

3. Splashing around monkey playing in water

4. Getting a piggyback ride

monkey piggyback ride

5. Playing hide and seek monkey hiding in tree

6. Noshing on fruit monkey eating

7. Exploring her inner yogi

monkey stretching

8. Climbing on trees

monkey climbing a tree


9. Training for the Capuch-a-lympics

monkey jumping

10. Having a BFF she can relate to—not a Hollywood producer or trainer but another monkey she can hang out with and spend time playing, climbing, and foraging with.

monkeys hanging out

Tell NBC executives that you disapprove of the use of wild animals such as Crystal in entertainment, and urge NBC to cancel Animal Practice!




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