5 Questions with a Vegan Suicide Girl

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Posted June 29, 2010 by peta2 staff

I’m sure by now you’ve all taken a few minutes to showcase your DIY attitudes by making your own “Ink, Not Mink” ads. All the peta2 staffers are doing it, and apparently, so are some Suicide Girls! Check out the lovely Lusille’s ad below, and read her interview about going vegan, being an advocate for animals, and why she wanted to pose for peta2!

1. Introduce yourself!
I’m Lucy, (Lusille on Suicide Girls) and I work for a charity that helps people struggling with addiction. When I’m not working, I’m often found rummaging in charity shops for vintage treasures, trying to grow organic veggies, or have my head buried in an Agatha Christie novel—I’m currently on my 9th in a row; I can’t seem to stop!

2. What prompted you to make the choice to go vegan? Were there any bands, books, etc. that influenced your decision?
I always admired vegans for their dedication. I remember someone telling me once it’s not just a diet, it’s a whole way of life—from what you wear to what domestic products you use.

I’ve always felt very strongly about animal rights and I think it was a TV show that showed some of the immense cruelty that goes into the meat and dairy industries that I wasn’t aware of. I think it’s often like that for people—they suddenly read something or see something that shows them how awful it is and make the decision not to support that. That’s why groups like PETA are so important in raising awareness. I wish I had known sooner.

I started by choosing ethically produced household and beauty products and did this for a year or so before I decided to stop eating dairy. As well as the animal rights issue, I was reading a lot about the negative effect it can have on your health and I feel so much better for not having it. Finally, I cut out meat; it just seemed like the obvious choice as I was already eating a lot of vegetarian foods out of choice and I just couldn’t justify eating an animal and causing so much suffering, when it wasn’t necessary.

3. What are some of your favorite vegan foods?
Where to start! There is a delicious vegan option for almost every popular food, from pizza to pies, cheesecake to ice cream! But I’m really into vegan baking, especially peach muffins and chocolate brownies. They’re so cheap to make too, as there’s no need for eggs and butter, so I always have everything I need in the cupboard—perfect for late night cravings!

SG is a great place to be vegan because there are groups where we all share awesome recipes, but there are so many great books and blogs out there as well. And of course, I take a good quality multivitamin each day to make sure I get everything I need.

4. Why did you want to work with peta2 to be part of the “Ink, Not Mink” campaign?
It’s a really quick and fun way to get an incredibly important message of animal rights to as many people as possible. And to do what so many celebs have done. I can say I’m in a PETA ad now! And you can too! I think that’s so cool.

5. What advice can you give someone who wants to get involved with animal rights but doesn’t know where to start?
Supporting charities like PETA that do all the leg work is so important. Animals often can’t defend themselves, they need us to discover and stop the unimaginable cruelty that goes on day after day. And don’t forget the power of word of mouth. If you think it needs to stop, then tell your friends, write letters to organizations—if we all do a little, it will have a massive impact.

If you’re thinking about becoming vegetarian or vegan, take it at your own pace. Just try some of the alternatives out there and I’m sure you’ll soon see that you won’t be missing out on anything!



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    Yay for veganism, yay for Suicide Girls!

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    go vegan!! 8D

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