Top 5 Reasons YOU Should Be a peta2 Campus Rep!

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Posted April 25, 2013 by peta2 staff

5.      You go to college.

This is the most basic qualifying reason. If you plan to attend college next semester in the U.S., you can apply for the campus rep position!

4.      You could use some extra cash.

$1,000, to be precise!  That’s right: We offer $1,000 a semester just for advocating for animal rights on your campus.

3.       You’re involved in a campus group or want to start one.

As a campus rep, you’ll receive all the literature, supplies, and resources that you need to help sustain (or start) an animal rights group on campus!

2.      Costumed mascots!

This isn’t really a valid reason … I just like them. Still, as a campus rep, you’ll have a chance to have our Campus Outreach Crew and the peta2 “pig” mascot visit your school!

1.      You love animals.

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Finally, you can quit your part-time job and focus more of your time on helping save animals by raising awareness on your campus. Just think: For each student who goes vegetarian or vegan because of your efforts, more than 100 animals’ lives will be saved per year!

Do you really need more reasons than that?



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