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Posted February 24, 2010 by peta2 staff

I am absolutely ECSTATIC to show you this incredible band called Heartsounds. By this time next year, you will have heard of them and they will probably be your favorite band. In the same spirit of bands like Lifetime and Good Riddance, Heartsounds have all of the pop-punk that you could handle without being too cheesy. We sat down with vegetarian guitarist Ben Murray and this is what he had to say.

Photo Credit: Heartsounds

What prompted you to become vegetarian? Were there any bands, books, etc. that influenced your decision?
I had been eating meat for 20 years, and one day I asked myself, “Why the hell are you doing this?” After reading “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” it became very clear how screwed up the meat industry really is. Not only are the animals treated in an intensely cruel manner, but the chemicals and toxins they pump into their meat just scares the shit out of me! Also, Propagandhi really had a big effect on my views towards meat and animal cruelty. Not only is that band one of my favorites, but their songs are so poignant and well-written/spoken, it was hard not to let songs like “Potemptkin City Limits” tug on my heartstrings.
What are some of your favorite vegetarian foods?
I live in Berkeley, CA so there is NO shortage of amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurants around here. Lanesplitters has awesome vegan pizza, top dog has great veggie dogs, Smart Alecs has out-of-this-world veggie burgers and fries, etc. There are even vegan Indian and Chinese restaurants around town which rules!
Of all of the major animal rights issues, are there any issues that are particularly close to your heart?
They are all clearly pretty saddening when you get the real facts and read up on each scenario. However, dog fighting particularly breaks my heart given that I am a major dog person. I can’t imagine anyone being so soulless and inhumane by training a dog to fight another innocent animal. That is completely gut-wrenching, and a sad statement of what humans are unfortunately capable of.
If a fan were to approach you with questions about how to get involved with animal rights, what advice would you give him or her?
I would say to research organizations such as peta2, and encourage a vegetarian or vegan diet immediately. If anyone really cares about animals out there, it is foolish to not lead a vegetarian lifestyle – plain and simple.
What does Heartsounds have coming up that we can be looking forward to?
Heartsounds has some amazing news coming up that we can’t announce just yet, but BIG things will follow! Expect a US and European tour in the summer months, followed by regional West Coast treks in the winter. Check out the record now on our MySpace.

Question for you readers, what band has influenced you the most?
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    The band that most influenced me was
    never shout never.

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