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Posted August 22, 2007 by peta2 staff

I remember coming home from a soccer game one fine Fall day about twenty years ago to find my brother upstairs playing Nintendo! Of course, since it was brand new we only really had Super Mario Bros, but that game has left a legacy for anyone who is even remotely interested in any sort of video game these days. Every now and again, games are fun and exciting and give you a semi-legitimate excuse to fight with your siblings and friends.

With some inspiration from the Bros, we decided to come up with the Super Chick Sisters game which has provided me more hours of enjoyment than I care to admit. Ok it’s less than one hundred hours, but more than just one. That’s all I’m saying!

I’m not a huge fan of video games, but one crack at this and we think you’ll be hooked. And who wouldn’t want to defeat the Evil Col. Sanders and save Pamela Anderson out of the goodness of their hearts anyway?

Ok, time for me to shut up. Time for you to get to playing. Click hereand get ready for a fun time!


Super Chick Sisters

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