Get to Know Halo Circus Singer Allison Iraheta

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Posted October 8, 2013 by peta2 staff

If you ♥ watching American Idol as much as we do, then we pretty much guarantee that you’ll remember Allison Iraheta. Allison placed fourth during Idol‘s ninth season and, like many Idol alum, has gone on to do awesome things!


These days, when she’s not at home hanging out with her adorable dog, Feline, Allison is fronting her new band, Halo Circus. Check out our exclusive Q&A with Allison, learn why animals hold a special place in her heart, and get a sneak preview of Halo Circus’ brand-new single, “Gone.”

Our family was there to find my dog, Feline. We were there to give her love and a home, and some dogs aren’t that lucky.

Remember: There are a lot of homeless animals out there, and you can help! Always spay or neuter your animal companions, and never buy them from a breeder or a pet store. Sign up to make a difference:

sia pledge to end homelessness button

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    1019 days ago

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    Yay Allison…thanks for speaking out! 🙂

  • Profile photo of hakred

    1022 days ago

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    I didn’t recognize her, but I remember her. I’m glad she’s speaking out for animals! 🙂

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