OUTRAGEOUS: Activists Kicked Off College Campus

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Posted October 31, 2013 by Kim Johnson

Less than 30 minutes after setting up yesterday morning, Houston Community College (HCC) ordered peta2 to tear down our “Glass Walls” factory-farm display—a tent in which students can experience firsthand the intensive confinement of sow gestation crates and watch a video exposé of the meat industry.

glass walls

Students visit peta2’s “Glass Walls” exhibit for a firsthand look at what happens inside factory farms.

Although the college had pre-approved a permit allowing yesterday’s exhibit, officials informed peta2 that they objected to students confining themselves to the gestation crates (but don’t object to serving meat from animals forced to live in these boxes?), which are so small that they prevent pregnant pigs from turning around or taking a single step in any direction. After removing the exhibit, the peta2 team was escorted off the campus by university security officials. We will be sending a letter of appeal to HCC College President Dr. Orfelina Garza.

UC Long Beach student watching PETA’s ‘Glass Walls’ expose.

A California State, Long Beach student watches PETA’s “Glass Walls” expose.

The “Glass Walls” display has traveled to more than 60 college campuses, including Yale University, the University of Kansas, Southern Methodist University, and, earlier this week, Louisiana State University.

To help fight this censorship, share this story and our Glass Walls video on Facebook!

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