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Posted July 12, 2004 by Rachelle Owen

Add Jason Williams to the list of Street Teamers with awesome writing skills. Jason’s letter to the editor in response to our Supersize This! mission was published in the Poughkeepsie Journal, and as promised, Jason is going to receive the item of his choice from the PETA catalog. Great job Jason.
Check out Jason’s letter below, and take notes!
Vegetarianism offers alternative to obesity
After watching ”Supersize Me” (serving as a personal reminder of and allusion to the 1995 Time magazine article ”Girth of a Nation”), I haven’t been able to rid my mind of concerns for my fellow Americans and the plight facing our children. There is an obesity epidemic in schools, and scientists assert the situation is pandemic and increasing. I hope school and national officials are cognizant of this serious problem, and encourages drastic changes in the National School Lunch Programs so nutritious foods are offered to children to eat (particularly younger children).
Visit to get more information about healthy eating and to order a free vegetarian starter kit, or refer to for general information.
Below are some statistics to consider: Up to 33 percent of teens (versus 2 percent of vegans) are obese. Vegetarians and vegans live, on average, six to 10 years longer than meat-eaters. Meat-eaters’ risk of developing heart disease is 50 percent higher than that of vegetarians.
For parents and others alike, there are more alternatives today than ever to eating factory-farm meats, and local farmers markets can also help find good alternatives. Visit for more information on local farmers markets. This is a good way to put money into the local economy and into the pockets of local businesses as opposed to corporate-owned factory farms.
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