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Hometown:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Fave artists/bands: La Dispute; Make Do and Mend; Outbreak; Neon Trees; Only Crime; Man Overboard; The Spill Canvas; Lifetime; Billie Holiday; Etta James; Rise Against; Crime in Stereo; The Movielife; Daybreaker;  Anti-Flag; Thursday; Balance and Composure; Bomb the Music Industry; Creep Division; Innerpartysystem; Comeback Kid; Killing the Dream; La Roux; The Lawrence Arms ... I could go on forever. I like pretty much anything that makes me feel something.

About me: I have the coolest job in the world and the best family ever. After moving around my entire life, I took a job on tour with peta2 and traveled the country talking to thousands of young people each night about animal rights and going vegan. Now I manage the touring program and still hit the road occasionally. I have two amazing and beautiful vegan sisters and supportive parents who make every meal we share together vegan including at the holidays! My dad grew up on a dairy farm, and now he only drinks soy milk … anyone can do it!

I like: Cooking, nutrition, macrobiotics, being on tour, naked demonstrations, friends and family, my cat, chocolate, music, traveling, seaweed, competition, and my juicer

I dislike: pickles, mustard, hate, discrimination, rudeness, and people who chain dogs

Companion animals: I have a perfect little cat who has many names: Promise, Kitty, Little Girl, Chicken, Monkey, you know, the usual.

Best part about touring with peta2: Thanks to touring with peta2, I have been to all but two states as well as most of the provinces in Canada. I've met some of the most amazing people on the planet and saved hundreds of thousands of lives by helping other people go vegan. On top of all that, I have toured with some of the biggest and best bands on the scene, and I've eaten the best food all over the country. I win!

Have you ever been awarded for your lack of showering? In fact, I have! In summer of 2008, I was tour-managing for peta2 on Warped Tour. I got so caught up in kicking ass for animals and having a blast that I opted out of showering pretty often. Don't worry, I had many sink-and-baby-wipe "showers." At the end of the summer, I was voted "Most Likely to Skip a Shower, but I bet I had more fun than anyone!

Craziest thing you've done to see a show: When I was in college, one of my favorite bands (one of the bands listed above) was playing a show four hours away, and a friend and I had tickets. I ended up getting mono, and my throat closed so tightly that I couldn't eat for three days. That third day was the day of the show, but I wasn't about to back down. So we drove to the show, moshed, and then drove the four hours back ”without sleeping” just in time for my 8:40 a.m. class.

Recipe of the Week: Mint Chocolate Chip Seaweed Shake

Recipe of the Week: Mint Chocolate Chip Seaweed Shake

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OK, so hear me out. This not-so-traditional dairy-free delight is packed full of calcium, iron,...