Comments Round-Up: No Haters Allowed

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Posted May 27, 2013 by peta2 staff

At peta2, we interact with a lot of people. From answering e-mails about buying vegan food to responding to questions on Twitter, we’re constantly getting feedback—from smiling peta2 supporters and from the not-so-smiley haters.

You may remember some of the “WTF?!” comments from these 14 people … well, now I’d like to present some “Hell, yes!” comments. These are the comments on YouTube, Facebook, the peta2 blog, and more that made my heart go pitter-patter for all the super-rad, animal-loving people out there just like you!

Right now, seals are being bludgeoned to death on the shores of Canada. We asked you to speak up, and here’s what you had to say:

facebook seal post

awesome comment facebook seals

Lolita has been enslaved at the Miami Seaquarium for 43 years. You can help set her free! Help animals online by signing peta2 pledges and spreading the word to friends!

facebook lolita post

awesome comment facebook lolita

T. Mills is more than just a cutie who can rap! He’s super-passionate about animals and knows that adopting from a shelter is the only way that you should bring an animal into your life. ♥

awesome comment t mills video

peta2 bestie Daniella Monet is inspiring fans all over the world to love animals, not eat them!

awesome comment daniella monet video

Gotta love the positive encouragement from fellow Daniella fans: 🙂

awesome comment daniella monet video response

How good is the vegan food at your school? … What?! You don’t have any vegan food? We can help with that. Join the movement to get a veggie burger at your school!

Veggie Burger Project Campaigns Featured

awesome comment veggie burger

In order to decide who would win an adorable tee from Hello Apparel, we asked you when you first decided to stop eating animals. Need some inspiration? Check out one of the many great answers!

hello apparel v-neck featured image

awesome comment tst blog

This last one may not be the nicest comment, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true! 😉

facebook post pigs

awesome comment facebook pigs




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