Back by Popular Demand: Bustin' Vegan Myths!

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Posted February 1, 2012 by Whitney Calk

You asked for it, and we’re here to deliver. Who’s ready for a brand spankin’ new round of bustin’ vegan myths? I know I am! Without further ado, let’s get started.

“I buy my animal companions from only ‘responsible breeders.'”

C’mon, y’all. You know better than this. All breeders fuel the companion-animal overpopulation crisis, and every time someone purchases a puppy or a kitten instead of adopting one from an animal shelter, a homeless animal loses his or her chance to find a home—and may be euthanized. No matter how kindly a breeder treats his or her animals, as long as dogs and cats are dying in animal shelters because of a lack of homes, no breeding can be considered “responsible.” Please always adoptnever buyyour animal companions.

“Catch-and-release fishing doesn’t hurt fishit just makes them late for something!”

Hardy har har. I’ve heard this one so many times, and it’s never once made me laugh. What does make me laugh is that so many people out there really believe that fish can’t feel pain. Newsflash: They can! Fish, like all animals, have nerves. When they’re hooked, fish struggle out of fear and physical pain, desperate to breathe. Once they’re hauled out of their underwater environment and into ours, they begin to suffocate and their gills often collapse.

Studies show that fish who are caught and then returned to the water suffer so much severe physiological stress that they often die of shock. Fish often swallow the hook, and anglers may try to retrieve it by shoving their fingers or pliers down the fish’s throat, ripping out not just the hook but some of the fish’s throat and guts as well. So you see, catch-and-release fishing does hurt fish, and that’s no joke.

“I’m an athlete, so I cant be vegan.”

Really? I mean seriously … really? Ever heard of Daniel BryanJake ShieldsMac DanzigJuliana Sproles? They’re all vegans, all athletes, and all total badasses.

I hate to be the one to burst your misinformed bubble, but it’s actually healthier to be a vegan athlete! A vegan diet gives sporty folks all the protein, complex carbohydrates, and other nutrients that they need to get stronger and faster—without the artery-clogging cholesterol found in meat, eggs, and dairy products. Plus, eating vegan meals is super cheap, so you can spend your hard-earned cash on gym memberships and fancy workout clothes instead of on your food!

Have you heard any good vegan myths lately? Check out the other posts in our series to see what myths we’ve already busted!

Till next time!

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  • Profile photo of jhlfbnj

    1304 days ago

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    i do ballet a lot and am proud to say that i am a vegan athlete. to me, being a vegan athlete is much cooler and self rewarding than just being a vegan. getting all the exercise on top of eating healthy makes me feel even better than if i just ate healthy.

  • 1724 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    A myth to bust, perhaps:
    I’ve head that “Being vegan will slow the way that your brain functions.

  • 1725 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    i hate the “i play sports” being vegan makes you healthier!

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