Band Spotlight: Silver Snakes

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Posted July 30, 2012 by peta2 staff

Alex Estrada of Silver Snakes sat down with us for an exclusive performance of the band’s song “New Light,” and while our cameras were rolling, he let us in on one of the most important days of his life—the day he was introduced to peta2. Here’s how it went down: He was at the Take Action Tour, met our tour crew, learned some shocking facts about factory farming, went veg, and never looked back. Pretty cool story, right?!

Check out our exclusive video with Alex to learn all about his journey to veganism through music:

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    Animals wont be kill for sport hung on mantles, pelted and nailed to the walls, maid into clothing. we can have medicine or make-up with out many animals having to possibly die. i wish that more people could be open minded so that if u choice to eat something that didnt die first u would have such limited options. I dream that if someone killed an animal and that animal could have live a full live if it was not for that human, they would go to jail just as if they would have kill a human.

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    I Agree 😀

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