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Posted July 10, 2012 by peta2 staff

When we heard that New Jersey rockers Spider Rockets had an adopted pooch as part of their crew, we just HAD to find out more. Check out our Q&A with the band’s leading lady, Helena Cos, to learn all about Lemmy, the “road dog”!

1.      Hi! Tell us about yourself and the band.

I met Johnny [our guitar player] when I moved to New Jersey and he and I started doing cover gigs as a duo, playing every dive bar in NJ and New York. We played our original songs in between covers of Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC, Metallica and Godsmack. I remember playing this one gig in Asbury Park on New Year’s Eve where we played 5 sets and finished at about 4am. Soon we expanded to a full lineup and released the band’s first CD. We’ve played all over the USA, performed in Europe and can’t wait to do it all again to support our new CD, Bitten. As a female-fronted loud rock band that combines elements of classic rock into modern rock sensibilities, we have our own unique sound. Johnny is a fantastic guitar player hooked on catchy riffs while Tim holds down the rhythm and grooves on bass. Dan’s drumming won the fastest feet competition in the World’s Fastest Drummer contest at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) in Indianapolis, IN. I try to bring an air of elegance and attitude to the vocals (imagine Amy Lee morphing with Joan Jett). All together, we turn the energy on full blast live and have a lot of fun on stage.

2.      I understand that one of the band members has an adopted dog. What’s the story?

It’s our guitarist’s dog, or “road dog.” Johnny heard about a 5-year-old dachshund needing a home from a friend who worked at a shelter. The shelter had rescued the dog from being euthanized at another shelter. Johnny loves animals and took the dog home with him. He also found out why the dog was unable to find a good family; the dog seemed to have some unresolved issues with aggression—fear-based aggression. These issues didn’t faze Johnny, though, and he was inspired to name the dog after notorious Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister. If you’ve ever seen or heard Lemmy Kilmister, you might understand why.

3.      What kind of special accommodations are made while the dog is on the road?

He always has a bowl of water in the van and a big bed and blanket …. He travels better than the band does! He has very short fur, and he likes to be warm and burrow. We see a lump under the covers and know he is sleeping. The band always travels with a generator and extra air conditioner for very warm weather. We also travel with a listing of American animal-friendly hotels/motels so Lemmy is always with us. He’s in essence part of the crew!

4.      Would you recommend animal adoption as opposed to buying from pet shops or breeders? If so, why?

YES! We strongly recommend always adopting from a local shelter and never, ever buying. There are so many dogs and cats who desperately need good homes. Buying animals just gives breeders a reason to keep breeding and most of the dogs sold come from puppy mills, which are filthy, disease-ridden places where the animals are horribly treated. There’s something to be said for doing a good deed, you know? Changing the life of a homeless dog or cat and making them feel safe and happy. Karma can be a pretty powerful force.

5. What’s the best part about touring with a canine friend?

Lemmy loves unconditionally and 100%. Being around a lot of strangers on the road can be tough sometimes, but we always feel at home with Lemmy around. He is always thrilled to see any one of us—tail going 100 miles a minute—even when we get back from a five minute potty break. He actually smiles. Johnny gets most of the Lemmy smiles, but the rest of us have gotten them, too, and it is pretty great having someone that happy to see you! Lemmy also lightens the mood with his crazy antics, like when he wrestled a sub sandwich from one of us once. It was a tug of war match, and he walked away with half the sub. We know not to get between him and ANY morsel of food. He comes in very handy as a living vacuum cleaner—you drop it, and he gets it.

When we are sleeping in the van (which is more than we would like), Lemmy is usually curled up next to one of us or stretched out on top … and snoring.

One time when we got back to the hotel after grabbing a bite to eat, we found Lemmy sleeping in Johnny’s suitcase in the middle of his clothes. He didn’t mess up anything—he was just right in the middle …. He saw us walk in the door and his tail started going 100 miles a minute. Moments like that are pretty cool and make touring a lot more fun.


Courtesy of Spider Rockets

Lemmy sure seems like an amazing pup to have around! Thanks so much for sharing your story and the importance of animal adoption.

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