Band Spotlight: The Dropa Stone

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Posted May 8, 2012 by peta2 staff

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We’re always excited to share new music with you guys, especially from animal-friendly bands like The Dropa Stone. Hailing from Orlando, Florida, this all-vegetarian four-member band is quickly making a name for itself, thanks in part to invigorating live performances. Check out our interview with vocalist Jon Meyers to learn more about The Dropa Stone and what living cruelty-free means to them:

1. How would you describe The Dropa Stone’s sound and what the band is all about?

I always love answering this question because our sound is tricky to describe. It ranges anywhere from psychedelic groove rock and reggae to funk and blues. Each member comes from a completely different musical background, and it’s quite wonderful how it all comes together to create a new and unique sound. We just released a new album called Starry Messenger with a CD release show at House of Blues. Our band philosophy has always been to progress and grow musically while branching out and connecting with as many people as we can.


2. The Dropa Stone has all vegan or vegetarian members. Does living a cruelty-free lifestyle play a big role in how the band operates?

Absolutely—from a few different standpoints. It’s not easy being a vegan/vegetarian band on the road, but we make the proper adjustments and always make healthy eating choices a priority. Sure, it doesn’t sound like the most “rock star” thing in the world to say, but being in a band is a lot like running a marathon, as opposed to a quick race. It’s important that we maintain our endurance and longevity, and eating healthy is a great foundation to accomplish that. We are also proud to say that we don’t take part in the current “assembly line food” paradigm. While we aren’t preachy or judgmental about our points of view, we do feel that the best way to show someone anything is to lead by example.

3. What was your first introduction to animal rights?

For me personally it was after seeing a video about factory farming about eight years ago. I’m not sure if it was ignorance, lack of knowledge, or maybe a little of both, but I had never really chosen to put the pieces together on the process of how food got on my plate each day. After doing more research on the subject, I quickly realized there was an entire world of negativity that I had never known about, and animals were the brunt of this diabolical machine. I went vegetarian the next day. A year later, I went vegan. It was also very inspiring to see that some of my favorite musicians were also vegetarian or vegan. Not only have I been influenced by their music over the years, but it’s pretty rad to share a special connection with the likes of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, based on their personal philosophies.


4. Did you discover any new foods or notice any health benefits after making the switch to a vegan/vegetarian diet?

Instantly! A new and beautiful world of fresh and exciting food choices opened up for me. I was lucky enough to have a few friends who were already practicing this diet to help guide me through, so there was little to no difficulty in the transition. I began to cook more often than I ever had, started eating organic and falling in love with food all over again. I immediately lost weight, had clearer skin, and my mental state of mind began to change for the positive. I became a happier person and started seeing every aspect of my life through a new and restored perspective.


5. What’s one thing that Dropa Stone fans can do right now to help animals, even in a small way?

While we can’t tell anyone what to do, we can say without a doubt that the American food system is flawed and corrupt beyond words. We have an epidemic of diabetes, cancer, and obesity on our hands because the powers that be are making billions by pushing tainted and manipulated food to the population. We are lucky enough to have a choice, and unfortunately many animals don’t. We encourage our listeners to do the research and educate themselves in hopes that with this new knowledge, it will be hard not to start making healthier choices for themselves, the environment, and all that we share it with. Watch documentaries, read books, review scientific studies, and have open dialogue with people. These corporations want you to believe that you can’t make a difference, but you can! Don’t take my word for it. Don’t take even PETA’s word for it. Take it into your own hands. Think and discover for yourself. You’ll never look back.


Thanks, Jon! For more ways to get active for animals, check out the peta2 Street Team. You can catch The Dropa Stone on tour now in support of their new release, Starry Messenger.




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  • 1569 days ago

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    Great interview and thanks for sharing. These sound like some cool cats.

  • 1570 days ago

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    i have a new band crush! thank you for bringing compassion into your message and for all the seeds you plant with your musical career. may you have unbridled success!

  • 1574 days ago

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    Amazing post! Love The Dropa Stone. This is a very thoughtful and level minded interview and in good taste. He was very bold to mention the “assembly line food paradigm.” I want more!

  • 1575 days ago

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    wow amazing!!!!!!!! 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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