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Posted July 21, 2011 by Christina

Okay, so you’ve made the transition to veganism—but you don’t know what to do when you’re eating with friends or family. I’m just gonna jump right in here: Don’t be afraid to tell people that you’re vegan … and why! It can be nerve-wracking to tell your friends and family that you won’t be eating the food they’ve prepared—but it isn’t out of line for you to explain that you’re sticking up for billions of animals that are killed for their legs, wings, and breasts each year, and that your veganism is a matter of life or death for them. It’s important!

If your family or friends give you a hard time about being vegan—just remember that you’re a voice for the voiceless, and that’s what matters. The longer you’re vegan, the more accepting your family will be—that’s the truth. You can also check out how to answer their questions here.

Remember: Your friends and family want you to live, so they’re not going to let you go hungry (at least not for long ;)). Most people are happy to accommodate your veganism—but they don’t know to do so if you don’t speak up!

As we know, every event with friends and family is different, so I’ve created a list of common scenarios that you may come across, and how to deal with them:

Your friends are having a Super Bowl party. Bring a veggie burger and some snacks for yourself. You could also bring a sandwich, anything … I’ve even brought lasagna for myself to a party!
Someone you know is getting married. Eat before you go. They’ll probably have something you can eat, but fill your belly up just in case!
Your grandma wants you to come over for dinner. Explain that you’re vegan, she’ll accommodate you—I promise. If she doesn’t, bring food you can eat with you!
You’re out with friends and they pick restaurant that’s not veg-friendly. Every restaurant has something you can eat—it may not be as tasty (I’m thinking plain broccoli here), but you can always grab some food for yourself somewhere else afterward.
You’re going to Thanksgiving dinner. Make a couple vegan dishes and bring them with you. You’ll look awesome for it, believe me. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, either!

The animals are counting on you. Ain’t no shame in yo’ game!

What do you guys do when you’re out with friends, or at family functions? Comment below so I can check out your tips!

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  • 1463 days ago

    When I stay at friends houses I always bring my own food. I’m always willing to share because I like to introduce people to vegan foods. :) If you can find some foods they like that are vegan they are going to be more open to it and it shows them that it’s not all of a bad diet.

  • 1491 days ago

    I am proud to be a Vegan but every time I see my grandmother she says “your going to die if you don’t eat meat” and then she will try and hid it in my food as if I cant tell. It’s not like she is being caring about it either because she admitted that, that isn’t it she said it was wholly based on the fact that she doesn’t believe that vegans are doing anything to help animals or the world but of course I think that is wrong I think that being a vegan changes allot

  • 1534 days ago

    Definitely proud to be vegan.
    I’m glad you kind of let us know that it’s not against social etiquette to BYOF (bring your own food). Definitely making sure to bring enough vegan food to my zombie friends houses. 😉

  • 1537 days ago

    awesome :)

  • 1539 days ago

    Thank you I am a proud vegan. But I haven’t told my dad. (He lives far away from me.)

  • 1539 days ago

    I know personally how hard it is to be a vegan without the support of anyone around you. My mother is sort of vegetarian, so she half understands me, but the rest of the family wants to kick me out basically. I remember the first time I had to tell my father’s side that I was vegan. It was Easter and these people love their meat. I spent hours outside with my father, aunt, uncle, and grandmother being ridiculed for my decision. Family will not always support your decisions, but I just want everyone to know how big of a help that everyone on Peta has been to me. This is a great outlet for people. I am four months vegan (even though it seems so much longer) and never looking back!

  • 1539 days ago

    I am proud to be a vegan! Yay! Today I tried (for my first time) spaghetti and “meat balls”, and let me say it was delicious!!! Can’t wait for leftovers 😀

  • 1539 days ago

    At parties with family and friends,there are always plenty of games for the young and old and if know one is there that I know, I normally stick with my bro and we always find a way to have a good time!

  • 1540 days ago

    People WILL try to make you into some kind of victim of your own dietry choices, laugh at them and pummel facts in their meaty faces! cant argue with facts…. well actually some people think you can, these people are ignorant and should be treated as such. they do not care for what is right or true.
    thankfully my parents always make sure theres something veggie for me when we eat at restaurants :) even broccoli and cheese pie! (had i ever dreamed of putting a broccoli and cheese pie in my mouth before i became vegetarian? hell no, its broccoli and cheese! in a pie! but i found it actually quite yum :)) vegetarian and veganism opens a world of delicious choice, its true! ^-^

  • 1540 days ago

    Oh. I forgot. My grandparents got me Daiya cheese to make vegan pizza with for me! 😀

  • 1540 days ago

    I know someone who was getting married and they made me a special vegan dish!!!!

  • 1540 days ago

    When every I go somewhere (Like A Party) I try to bring a vegan dish to pass (: It takes lots of explaining to do in my family of why im Veg*n!

  • 1540 days ago

    I am definitely a PROUD vegan! I want everyone to know that I don’t support animal cruelty!

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