Blood Bros and Star Wars!!!

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Posted May 31, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

How did you all enjoy Memorial Day weekend? I saw the Blood Brothers play in Richmond, gorged myself on vegan hot dogs and burgers, and saw Star Wars Episode III twice! It was a pretty sweet three days if I do say so myself. Then, this morning I came in to find another article had been published about the home demo I held at Wet Seal CEO Joel Waller’s home last week. This one popped up in the Minneapolis Skyway News:
Yes, we saw him too. The 6-foot-tall rabbit at South 12th Street & Yale Place was no “Harvey,” but Eric Deardorff. He and Noah Cooper, campaign manager for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protested outside the home of Joe Waller, CEO of Wet Seal, a teen-fashion chain which PETA claims sells clothing made from tortured rabbits. Read more…

Just to be clear, PETA has at no point threatened Joel Waller’s life as he claims in this article. Nice try Joel, but the truth is, you’re the one with blood on your hands.
Urge Suzy Shier to Ditch Fur
All of you Canadian Street Teamers have been unable to take part in peta2’s Wet Seal campaign, but now we’ve got something for you to focus all your pent up animal rights energy on. Even if you don’t live in Canada you can still help out, so read on to see what you can do to pitch in and earn some Street Team points.
Even though they know that animals suffer horribly for each fur and fur-trimmed piece of clothing, Canadian retailer Suzy Shier still refuses to stop selling fur. We’re leaving the task of changing their minds up to you.
First things first: write and call Suzy Shier and explain why they must pledge to stop selling fur today. Place in the “bcc” field of your e-mail, or submit a report telling us what you said in your phone call, fax or snail mail letter, and we’ll give you 250 points.
Darrell Newman, CEO
YM Suzy Shier
50 Dufflaw Rd.
Toronto, Ontario M6A 2W1
416-780-9582 (fax)
Next, and this is the part for Canadians specifically, check Suzy Shier’s store locator for the store nearest you. Give the store manager a call, and let them know that Suzy Shier won’t be getting any more of your money until you hear that they have adopted a permanent fur-free policy, then, go talk to them in person. E-mail me at if you need some anti-fur leaflets and stickers to take along with you. Watch out Suzy Shier, here we come!
Free Steve-O DVDs and Skate Decks on peta2
Somehow I failed to mention this exciting new contest last week. We’re giving away five copies of the new Steve-O DVD, Gross Misconduct as well as five Steve-O skate decks. Enter to win before June 15.

New Found Glory Contest
The grand prize winner for the New Found Glory iPod contest is Malyna Si. Malyna won an iPod filled with 12 of New Found Glory’s favorite songs, as well as the New Found Glory songs “All Downhill From Here,” “Failure’s Not Flattering,” and “I Don’t Wanna Know.” She also won their newest album Catalyst, an autographed New Found Glory T-shirt, and a copy of Troma’s Tales From the Crapper, which features New Found Glory.
First runners-up are Sarah Barber, Lydia Mittiga, Kourtney Auger, and Heidi Biedermann, and they each will receive a copy of New Found Glory’s Catalyst and an autographed New Found Glory T-shirt.
Second runners-up Brett Allgeyer, Tony Chipola, Amanda Lorenzi, Adam Crowder, Justin Maury, and Jim Hayes won a copy of Tales from the Crapper on DVD.
-Noah Cooper
peta2 Campaign Coordinator

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