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Posted March 16, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

Between the Buried and Me came through Norfolk last night with Haste the Day, Everytime I Die, and Bleeding Through. I wasn’t able to go to the show due to the fact that I had lots of work to do (although I did wear a pair of BTBAM booty shorts while doing said work … it was hot), but I’m told that, minus some dumb sweaty jocks being dumb sweaty jocks, the show was lots of fun for all in attendance. We got to hang out with BTBAM’s bassist, Dan, for a bit before the show, and while he was at the office he used this huge “Go Veg” peta2 stencil we had made for him on his bass cabinet.
To sum up: if you want to hang out with hip bands, stencil things, and of course help animals, you need to come and intern here at PETA HQ in Norfolk or apply to work for peta2 this summer. It’s so much fun, and there’s vegan soft serve down the street, and Pulin’s buying.
Cutest Vegetarian contest winners have been announced. If you want to know who won, you need to go here. Not to sound like a hippie (oh how I loathe hippies), but all of you who entered are winners in my book. The contest brought 60,000 people to peta2, and the press ate the story up with a spoon. Here’s a great article about finalist Brittany Fontaine. Did you know she was on Made on MTV? I was so stoked when I saw a Kids Like Us t-shirt. Fuck the heat, I love the concrete!

Gregg Dedrick, president of KFC, is getting ready to celebrate his 47th birthday. On April 2, while Dedrick is opening gifts and eating cake, millions of chickens in the factory farms of KFC’s suppliers will be spending one more miserable day standing in their own waste in filthy sheds, unable to even flap a wing or turn around. While we wish him well on his big day, we want to ask him to give animals the greatest gift of all and stop torturing chickens for KFC’s buckets. CLICK HEREto get his address and send him a birthday greeting.

What a tool! For those of you in the UK who don’t want to pay the postage to the states: CLICK HEREand send a card to David Fitzjohn, the Managing Director of KFC’s European parent company.

Speaking of birthdays, March 31 marks the two-year anniversary of Brooklyn’s Foodswings, my personal favorite vegan restaurant in the entire world. I’d like to to take this opportunity to thank Freedom and the rest of the Foodswings staff for all the buffalo drumsticks, faux Philly cheese steak, and vegan milkshakes. Fortunately I don’t live in Williamsburg, or I’d be broke.

Add Foodswingsas your friend on myspace, and stop in the next time you’re in Brooklyn. Your mouth will thank you.


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