Bustin' Vegan Myths: Part 2!

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Posted February 15, 2012 by Whitney Calk

We’ve got some pretty crazy myths to tackle today, so let’s get right down to business!

“Dissection doesn’t hurt animals—they’re already dead!”

I know that we all want to believe that animals who end up sprawled out and belly-up on our lab tables just simply passed away of natural causes in nature, but seriously, this is just not the case, folks. Every year, more than 10 million cats, pigs, frogs, and other animals are killed for classroom dissection. They’re gassed, embalmed, cut from the wombs of their mothers, stolen from the wild, and even purchased from animal shelters … all while humane alternatives to dissection exist.

The bottom line here is that it’s just not ethical to dissect animals who have been tortured and killed so that students can cut them up to learn about human anatomy. If you’re ready to kick classroom dissection to the curb, click here to see if your state offers a dissection-choice policy. If it doesn’t, click here to find out how you can get an alternate assignment—and e-mail us at if you need help.

“But elephants love performing in the circus!”

Sigh. Elephants in circuses don’t perform difficult tricks because they want to; they perform them because they’re afraid of what will happen if they don’t. These intelligent and emotional animals are beaten, chained, and electro-shocked and are forced to perform confusing, uncomfortable, repetitious, and often painful acts.

Circuses like Ringling Bros. easily get away with routine abuse because no government agency monitors training sessions. So really, if you think elephants like being a part of the circus, you are definitely mistaken. Elephants never forget the beatings and isolation that they suffer at the hands of the circus. I mean, would you?

“Declawing doesn’t hurt cats.”

OK, I admit it. This is a myth that I used to believe too. Just a little snippety snip of a kitty’s nails, and all is well, right? Yeah … not so much.

Cats’ claws and the bones and cartilage that hold them in place allow cats to balance properly, climb, and defend themselves. Declawing, which removes the claws, bones, and cartilage, is a painful and permanently crippling procedure. This serious surgery involves 10 separate painful amputations of the last joint of each toe, including the bones, not just the nail. Instead of putting your fur babies through an extremely painful, debilitating, and cruel surgery, all you really need to do is just buy a few scratching posts and make sure you are trimming their nails regularly! It’s really that simple.

Comment below with a common myth that YOU hear, and we’ll tackle some of them next time!

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  • 1447 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    “Animals kill and eat other animals, so why shouldn’t I?” I then explain to them that other animals means of killing are fast and not cruel like ours.

  • 1454 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    the first one is so stupid, of course they are dead, the reason is why is taking away their life justified?
    i just heard “vegans break their teeth all the time , it like how they have weak bones” i quickly corrected them

  • 1455 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    1. “Vegan food is gross!”

    2. “My dog should have puppies before I spay her!”

  • 1455 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    “Cats/Dogs can’t be healthy vegans” 😛

    Oh and another one, “humans are natural carnovires”!

    And then the dumb ones… “vegetarians are really eating all the animals’ food”, when people and animals don’t eat the same food… lol. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flock of people grazing before.

  • 1456 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    My cat, Toby-kun, was taken from his previous owner who had OCD. My mom was a psychologist back then (she’s now in cosmetology school) and his owner was one of her clients. She’d had Toby declawed and let him run around outside at night.

    Now, people letting their cats out doesn’t really bother me, so long as they know the cat will return within a reasonable period of time. But Toby had no means of defending himself, really, and he would be out all night.

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