Call Sleazy Furrier Dennis Basso

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Posted December 16, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

In November, we asked you all to call and write the CEO of J.Crew to express your disgust over the barbaric fur industry. Thanks to an enormous flood of phone calls, J.Crew agreed to a permanent fur-free policy just 24 hours later. We need your help once again to speak up for the millions of rabbits, foxes, minks, coyotes, and other animals who are skinned alive for their fur each year. This time it’s sleazy “high-profile” designer Dennis Basso who needs your extra special attention.
Dennis, who was recently featured in a disgusting article in the New York Times for his NYC boutique that sells almost nothing but tortured animal skins, is so caught up in drunken celebrity parties and limousine rides that he doesn’t seem to care that he has the blood of countless animals on his hands. We want each and every one of you to give Mr. Basso a piece of your mind today. Let him know exactly what you think of the bullshit products sold in his stores like fur leg warmers and dead lynx coats. Call and write to him at his store and let him and his employees know that fur will never be “in”:
Dennis Basso
765 Madison Avenue (near 66th Street)
New York, NY
Store: 212-794-4500
Office: 212-564-9560

After you’re done sticking it to the fur pimp, e-mail me to tell me how it went. I’ll give the first 50 people to e-mail me about calling a free “Wearing Fur” sticker to put up somewhere.

Yeah. Somewhere…

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