Can ONE Person Make a Difference?

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Posted December 1, 2011 by Rachelle Owen

The short answer? Hell, yes!

Next time you’re in the hallway gathering petitions or handing out leaflets and someone so snidely tells you that “one person can’t possibly make a difference” or that “you’re wasting your time,” don’t let it get you down!

One person CAN make a difference—and it’s important to remember that all social-justice movements were led at some point by “just one person” (or just a couple of people) who realized that a societal norm was cruel, unethical, and unjust. Just think: Everyone didn’t stand up at the same time and fight racism and slavery—it was just a few people at first who held demonstrations, fought back, and led a revolution. These people were game-changers—dedicated, passionate, and willing to stand out from a crowd that clung to cruelty and racism just because they were what people were used to. Sound familiar?

The same goes for women’s rights and gay rights—it has always been the brave, dedicated few who turn the tide.

It’s also important to remember that you are leading a mini-revolution near you! Changing your friends’ minds, educating them on the ways that animals are exploited and how they can help, and making personal choices that are positive instead of negative—all of that matters. Every choice that you make makes a big difference for animals—don’t forget it!

Revolutions aren’t easy. They’re not quick. And they’re definitely not painless—but they happen, and we will win.




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