Have You Been 'Catfished'?

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Posted March 20, 2013 by peta2 staff

Who else is totally addicted to MTV’s new hit Catfish: The TV Show? I see you, Whit! I see you! If you’ve been living under a rock—or if you’re just a normal person not completely obsessed with television—Catfish tells the story of people who pretend to be someone they’re not and those who fall for it. Guilty television at its best!

While I was catching up on the latest episodes and repeating to myself how that would never happen to me, I realized that it already had! We’ve all been lied to before by people pretending to be something they’re not—and most of us believed it at one point! No, I’m not talking about that hot guy who has only two pictures and three friends on Facebook and lists “Australian model” as his profession (seriously, how do people fall for that?)—I’m talking about the meat industry!



A worker slammed these piglets' heads against the floor and left them to die in a bin.


The meat industry tries to paint the picture of a happy little farm where animals are able to live their lives in peace and die “humanely” (whatever the f*ck that’s supposed to mean) or from natural causes—HA! Well, guess what? That’s a big fat lie! Cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and other animals used for food are kept in small cages or stalls, where they are often unable even to turn around! They are deprived of exercise and are fed drugs to fatten them faster, and they are genetically manipulated to grow faster or produce more milk or eggs than they would naturally—there’s nothing “happy” about that!

Just like on the show, some people need proof to accept the truth. Check it out!

Make sure that nobody else falls for these lies again by spreading the truth to everyone you know!

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    1315 days ago

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    So sad. Definitely a good time to show this to everyone, right before a holiday when families will be feasting on everything from eggy breakfasts to veal and lamb dinners. If this video helps switch even a few of those meals to vegan feasts, it will be worth it! Every single little step counts!
    Thanks PETA and thanks to those brave undercover people who got these videos!

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