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Posted March 30, 2007 by Rachelle Owen

For the most part I’m not much of a sports kinda girl, although I do love hockey. And of course there are certain Olympic events that I like to watch—and not just for crashes and injuries although they do heighten the excitement—like ice skating for example. I was super into it when I was a kid. I think most little girls go through that phase but I’m not sure why. Anyway, I loved watching Surya Bonaly skate because she was always such a badass and rightly so, she’s actually the only figure skater to land a back flip on one skate. So I was super stoked to find out that the French “Champions On Ice” star was anti-fur and doing not one, but two anti-seal hunt ads for us. Check ’em out.

Pretty cool—no pun intended. And just so you know, Surya hasn’t lost her spitfire attitude, during the photo shoot she was asked by a young fan, “But isn’t fur so pretty?” to which she replied, “Yes, my dear, you have pretty hair, too—but does that mean we should cut your head off and wear it?” Oh, that Surya! Right now you have the chance to voice your opinions about the Canadian seal hunt. Please sign our petition asking for an immediate end to this barbaric slaughter once and for all.



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  • 2957 days ago

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    she is a great person she is so talented and she is super smart

  • 3302 days ago

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    YES! Surya Bonaly kicks a*s!! I loved watching her skate when I was still a skater… And I still do today, especially now knowing that she’s also anti-fur! Good to see that she’s letting people know that figure skaters are more than just pretty faces.

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