Cobra Starship Says Down with Fur!

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Posted April 28, 2008 by Ryan Huling

The very good people of Cobra Starship are at it again. And when I say again, I mean Gabe and crew are helping more animals. Oh I love that Cobra, just love ’em!


This time Gabe, along with the rest of the fine Cobra clan, have teamed up with their Fueled By Ramen family, Youth Noise, and peta2 to say “¡Down With Fur!”

Gabe and the gang realize that millions of animals being drowned, beaten to death, strangled, gassed, electrocuted, and even skinned alive every year for the fur on their backs is just plain wrong. And did you know that many of these defenseless animals are cats and dogs, too? Fur is reprehensible, outdated, and completely unnecessary and that’s why Cobra is speaking out against this filthy, hideous industry and decided to make it their cause on Youth Noise. Check out their brand-spankin’ new widget below and click on the “grab it” button to get the code to add it to your page!

Easy as all hell, now wasn’t it?

Also make sure you head over to our friends at Youth Noise to check out what other important issues people are talking about and join a cause yourself. Of course we’re all passionate about animal rights here, but we also recognize that there are a lot of other important issues out there that need your attention, too. Youth Noise and their “MyCauseIs” tool is a great way to learn and get involved. Our dear Cobra friends want you to get off your asses and do something to make the world a better place. So whatever cause affects you most, get to it!

Oh and remember, like Gabe says, “Throw your fangs in the air, if you a true playa (but you can’t be a playa if you’re getting played by the fur trade).”

Did I mention how much I love Cobra? If I already did, well then I’m just re-iterating the fact with total and complete glee.

Hope all is lovely.

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