Could You Spend Your Entire Life in One of These?

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Posted February 26, 2009 by Rachelle Owen

A lot of us who go vegan do so because of a video or because of an image that stayed in our head. Maybe of a single animal who conveyed his or her misery more than any other in “Meet Your Meat” or in a different undercover investigation.

For me it was a few different images. The first one being the pig who falls from the hook while on the slaughter line and tries to scramble to her feet while laying in a puddle of blood in one of the scenes in “Meet Your Meat”, and the opening scene, where the two chickens, packed together in a battery cage, somehow forget how miserable they are, and take comfort by cuddling next to each other. One of them closes her eyes tight, and I only imagine that opening them again to find the same life is such a nightmare.

Chickens raised to produce eggs spend their entire lives confined to these “battery cages” so small that they can’t ever spread even a single wing. They’ll be crammed into these metal boxes with five to eleven other birds, living in the filth and stench of their own urine, feces and corpses of other birds whose bodies couldn’t endure the abuse. Chickens used for their eggs have no laws to protect them—and will suffer for years until their bodies are too weak to be profitable, and they’re sent off to be killed. Being thrown onto transport trucks will be the first time many of these birds ever feel sunshine on their backs.

You can read about this all day—but it’s hard to imagine—and a lot of people just don’t want to have to watch what happens to animals. The website is working on some new projects to give people an idea of just how much animals suffer on factory farms, and the first is a virtual battery cage—check it out below:

The best way to prevent this kind of suffering from happening is to stop paying for it. Don’t eat eggs! Download leaflets and speak up for the millions of chickens that will be crammed into these cages this year, and send the virtual battery cage to everyone you know.

Stay loud!


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  • 2672 days ago

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    That virtual battery cage is scary, I feel so sorry for the poor chickens who suffer their entire lives in them.

  • 2677 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    thats really cool
    creepiest thing was the dead chicken in the cage which i didnt see for the longest time … creepy
    im gonna post it in a myspace bulletin 😀

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