Cruelty-Free Easter

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Posted March 29, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

PETA2’s cruelty-free Easter mission was a smashing success! We are still receiving reports from hundreds of Street Teamers who distributed our “Where Do Easter Eggs Come From?” leaflets to their friends, family members, neighbors, and classmates. As could be expected, people are shocked to find out the truth behind egg production. After hearing that egg-laying hens spending their entire lives trapped in tiny wire cages packed so tight they can’t even turn around, who wouldn’t be?

Hens Suffer 34 Hours for Each Egg Hens Suffer 34 Hours for Each Egg

We’re not the “all problem, no solution” types, so we asked that you organize fun Easter events using brightly-colored plastic eggs filled with treats, rather than eggs from tortured chickens. This Easter egg hunt shows that you don’t have to be cruel to have fun.

Cruelty-Free Easter!

Missed your chance to hand out leaflets this holiday? No problem, there are plenty of leaflets, stickers, and other materials that you can hand out all year long!
More News on The Used’s Letter to Wet Seal.
If I worked at Wet Seal, I’d be pretty worried about my job stability right about now. Earlier this year, Wet Seal was forced to close approximately 150 stores and fire around 2,000 employees due to declining sales. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the company’s executives have ignored both consumers and their own staff time and time again when they’ve asked that Wet Seal adopt a permanent fur-free policy? Just a guess.
The Used, being the awesome guys that they are, signed a letter to Wet Seal to give their two cents. As a result, MTV News ran a story about PETA’s anti-fur campaign against the chain. Now there is an article on Net Music Countdown about the band’s letter to Wet Seal CEO Joel Waller:
The Used took a break from the Taste of Chaos tour to write a letter to the CEO of clothing retailer Wet Seal. Writing on behalf of animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), members of the Used asked the CEO to “please take a stand today against the cruelty of the fur industry and remove fur from your stores and catalog.”
Bert McCracken, Quinn Allman, and Jeph Howard also wrote, “Young people today realize that fur is horrifically cruel, and they don’t want to support a store that supports the mistreatment of animals. You will gain countless compassionate consumers by dumping fur.”
For more information on PETA, visit

Want to help PETA and The Used convince Wet Seal to do the right thing? No problem, we’ve come up with a ton of ways for you to help.
Kentucky Fried Cruelty Campaign.
PETA has had another meeting with KFC to discuss potential improvements in animal welfare. As a result of this meeting, we’re continuing to hold off on protests at KFC for at least another few days. We’ll have a definitive update in a few days. Cross your fingers for us and for the chickens!

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