Dead Animals in Your Online Shopping Cart?!

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Posted November 26, 2012 by Whitney Calk

Cyber Monday is officially here—you know, the day when online shoppers can score sweet deals on everything from clothing to electronics and everything in between. While we love a good deal as much as the next guy (or gal), there’s one retailer that’s really more of a deal breaker for us: bebe.

Despite knowing that animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined to filthy cages before they’re bludgeoned, electrocuted, and often skinned alive, bebe continues to sell fur.

We all know that real fur looks good only on its original owner, right? Here are just a few of those original owners who really want you to tell bebe, “Bye, bye.”

Rabbits are hopping mad at bebe.

baby rabbit

Dogs want you to walk them, not wear them!


Foxes need your help to outfox cruel companies that still sell fur.


Cats are ready to give bebe some serious catitude.

gray cat

Chinchillas are chatterboxes when they’re together, and you can bet they would have plenty to say about bebe’s fur coats. 


Show your ♥ for furry cuties today by telling bebe that you won’t buy while animals die and urge the company to finally ditch fur furever.

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    1426 days ago

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    I am literally crying right now. I do not support bebe & have participated in telling them to not sell fur anymore, but I honestly had no clue that they use fur from cats and dogs. Those are our pets! Sure, most people don’t like other animals [like foxes, bunnies, etc.] so they don’t really care, but ah, how could a company use fur from animals so easily welcomed into families? I am utterly disgusted at bebe.

    So glad I’ve already spoken up and told bebe to ditch fur.

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