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Posted January 30, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

This one comes straight from you too can submit your activism photos):

For all of you getting ready for your SATs, here’s an analogy for you: Schumachers is to good business as Kevin Federline is to good music… or music at all really. Fur scum, watch your back: we’re coming for you.

Pulin is on the road with a fellow PETA staffer, an intern by the name of Dean (one of my favorite interns ever in fact!), and this enormous and really awesome display known as the Animal Liberation Project. Here’s a photo from Florida Gulf Coast University.

Keep an eye out, the display might be coming to a college campus near you.

Links of the day:

I bet he killed 10,000 times as many pigs
Comment this… too many meat mouths talking trash
The Czech Republic is the new China
More on the KFC roach sandwich (vomit alert)
Tuck vs. Tucker Carlson
Carl Lewis > Chuck Norris

I’m finishing up the text for the peta2 Valentine’s Day e-card feature as we speak. I’m so completely full of excitement about these e-cards, I think I might die. They are going to be the best things you’ve ever seen, for real. Only 8 days ’til you can see ’em … start the countdown!





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