Dog House Delivery Trip

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Posted March 20, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

One thing we do regularly at PETA is build dog houses and deliver them to needy dogs in communities in North Carolina. Last Friday I had the opportunity to go on a dog house delivery trip. My co-workers Tim, Dan, Eric, and I headed down to North Carolina to bring dog houses to some of those dogs who were in desperate need of proper shelter. Tim and Dan drove the PETA truck down while Eric and I rode in a 19′ Penske filled with 28 dog houses. Once we got down there, I was in shock as to the sorts of conditions these dogs lived in. Their “houses” were no more than broken barrels, or shoddy pieces of wood with a ripped tarp. Some of the dogs didn’t even have a bowl of food or water outside for them. As we got to each house, we would replace their old shelter with one of our solid, comfortable dog houses and make sure they had plenty of food and water. We also gave each of them some attention they were desperate for–I think some of these dogs had never had a person play with them or be nice to them their entire lives. Here are some pictures from our trip:


dan with dogs small.JPG
Dan with two guys that were very excited to have someone to jump on and pet them. They were living in a pen that was about 7 feet by 5 feet with only two over turned barrels to protect them from the elements. ghostbefore.JPG
Ghost with his old “shelter”.
me with ghost small.JPG
Me with Ghost and his new house.

The whole day was an amazing experience and it was so rewarding to see how happy all the dogs were just to get some attention and affection. Of course, many dogs aren’t even that lucky. That’s why it’s so important to convince your parents, your relatives, and your friends to always spay and neuter their cats and dogs. Most dogs end up in situations like this because they were born without anyone wanting them–the easiest way to save dogs from suffering is to reduce the animal overpopulation is by spaying and neutering and by adopting animals from shelters. If you know someone who hasn’t spayed their animal yet, show them some of these pictures and ask them if they want their dog’s puppies to live in conditions like this someday. After seeing it first-hand, I know for a fact that I wouldn’t.




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  • 2841 days ago

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    This is an awesome program………do they only deliver the houses in one aea and is it an ongoing deal? I bought one of the dog houses and would like to help again………

  • 2849 days ago

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