Donated Furs Help Rescued Foxes

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Posted November 30, 2012 by Diana Mendoza

Wearing fur is a major no-no, but say a family member has some fur coats taking up space in a closet. What do you DO with them? Why not donate them to PETA so that we can use them to help animals? That’s right—your donated furs could offer comfort to sick, injured, orphaned, and homeless animals.

Our pals across the pond at PETA U.K. recently delivered a bundle of unwanted furs to The Fox Project, and they were kind enough to send us some super-cute photos of rescued red foxes snuggling up in the furs and using them as bedding.

Orphaned baby fox rests in donated furs at a rescued group in Kent, UKPhoto: Rosie Barnett
Cute sleeping Red Fox lays on donated furs from PETA UKPhoto: Rosie Barnett
Red fox curls up in donated fur coats in Kent, UKPhoto: Rosie Barnett

Baby fox resting in donated furs from PETA UKPhoto: Rosie Barnett

While we can’t bring back the animals who have been killed for nothing more than fashion, people can show compassion by donating their furs to help injured and orphaned animals. Do you have family members who still wear fur? Show them this blog post and see if their heart isn’t melted by these adorable rescued foxes!

Why not sign our Pledge to Be Fur-Free now? Then learn how you can put unwanted furs to good use!

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    1007 days ago

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    Superfabulous idea! Yes, I know people who still wear fur and YES I will send this to them. Maybe if they know they are donating to a good cause and actually giving their furs a better home and purpose, their hearts will get all melty and they’ll do the right thing! Many thanks!

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