Don't Buy Rats and Mice From Pet Stores!

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Posted June 5, 2012 by Whitney Calk

Mice and rats probably aren’t the first animals that most of us think about when we’re ready to welcome a new furry friend into our families, but it’s every bit as important to remember that, like all companion animals, they should never be purchased from pet stores.

Mice, rats, and other small animals are supplied to pet stores by mass breeders and shipped in small, cramped containers that are breeding grounds for parasites and viral and bacterial infections. They often reach the pet store ill, malnourished, and/or pregnant.

Like all animals, mice and rats have the ability to experience pain and fear, and they should never be treated as mere “products” of the pet trade. Every dollar spent on purchasing an animal from a pet store directly funds the neglect, cruelty, and death seen in undercover investigations like this one.

So, ♥ rats and mice? Always adopt, and never buy them from pet stores that sell them! Also, be sure to write to PetSmart and PETCO today and demand that they stop selling all animals immediately!




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  • 1462 days ago

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    I saved my first hamster from a guy who was going to kill him because he was bored of him. Unfortunately he died some time after of a stroke but I did everything to dull the pain as he went. I then got a syrian from pets at home but from their adoption centre as she’d been in store for a long time and I hate how they are treated there, they must get so bored and are very unloved. My flatmate also bought 2 russians from the adoption centre (in for the same reason). I also have 2 beautiful gerbils who I bought from a lady who’s cat had killed their mother and kept attacking their cage trying to get at them. Adoption is def the way to go but I can’t help feeling sorry for animals in pet shops and just want to take them all home and give them a better life 🙁

  • 1511 days ago

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    OMG I never realized or stopped to think about that.. That is do sad:( good things I adopted my puppies from the pound I won’t get them from pet stores. Plus if you adopt them from pounds they don’t get killed or have to suffer from the neglect.. Love my animals..

  • 1512 days ago

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    I adopted my hamster from Viva! organisation and I love him to death!!!♥ ♥ ♥

  • 1513 days ago

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    We have to educate people about how animals brees for us to be pets are treated, or better yet mistreated. Adoption and love seems to be the way forward.

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