Dozens Dead In Chicago-Area Meatwave

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Posted July 19, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

As seen on the the best faux news Web site in the world …

The news may be (hilariously) fake, but the folks at The Onion are on to something. If you eat meat you are supporting the confinement, torture, and murder of billions of animals, and you’re asking for all sorts of health problems too. So, to sum up, go vegan or go dead.
Animals Don’t Belong in the Circus
Speaking of horrible people who torture animals, Carson & Barnes and other circuses with animal acts use bullhooks, electric prods, and blowtorches on elephants and other animals, all so they will perform some stupid tricks. An undercover investigator videotaped Carson & Barnes trainers abusing elephants and laughing about it. Watch the video, and please, forward it to your friends and family, post a link on your blog or send out a bulletin to all of your friends on myspace.
Chris, Kyle, and Mike from The Black Maria
The Black Maria, featuring members of Grade, Zyon and New Day Rising, are in another kind of video on peta2. Take a look.

Noah Cooper
peta2 Street Team Specialist

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