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Posted April 6, 2013 by Sara Wirth

Forget cute crushes and football games‚ÄĒmy main memory of being a student is of being broke and wallowing in shopper’s envy all the time. (Like, seriously, those friends buying every food product and item of clothing that they see when we’re at the mall together? Make it stop!)

Luckily, peta2 has got you covered! ūüôā Follow these three easy steps to helping animals, and you’ll be on your way to living the mooch-free high life:

1. Join our Street Team for free.

2. Complete easy and fun missions on our “Take Action” page to get points.

3. Exchange those points for FREE stuff.

Yo, that’s it! Here are some of our most recent missions to get you¬†started:

street team toilet paper missionVivian is letting her family know that meat isn’t green by asking them to cut the crap! Send us your wipeable message¬†from a bathroom near you, and get 1,000 points!

bear missionCarmin helped speak up for bears who are kept in barren concrete pits and tiny cages at roadside zoos in Cherokee, North Carolina. Earn 1,000 points by sending a letter of your own!

frozen graveyard street team missionMarina made the connection between graveyards and the dead corpses kept in the freezer section at her grocery store by printing out one of our “Frozen Graveyard” signs. Get 1,000 points for posing with our sign at YOUR supermarket.

dog and girl with signBy taking a picture with one our free signs, Maria showed her friends and family that it doesn’t make much sense to love¬†dogs and cats and then eat other animals.¬†Post a pic of you posing with your pup for 1,500 Street Team points!

And that’s how easy it is to get your free peta2 swag on! So what are you waiting for? Join NOW!


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