Eating Animals: The Facts

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Posted February 4, 2011 by peta2 staff

When it comes to soaking up and retaining new info, I am mos def a visual learner. That’s why I’m a gigantor fan of infographics. They’re super easy to understand and fun to share (all the pretty colors are nice, too). ;)

Check out our latest infographic called “The Truth About Eating Animals.” It breaks everything down with lots of useful facts and stats. Enjoy, pass it along, and GOOOOOOOOOO VEGAN! :D

peta2 infographic Eating Animals: The Facts




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  • 1299 days ago

    Eww. thats gross

  • 1306 days ago

    nobody deserves that kind of treatment, its horrile. i dislike!!!! a lot of things in food are really nasty and i just learned about this on this website. after getting the “Flesh is for zombies” pin at Warper Tour this year, thats what did it.

    GO VEGAN!!!! <3 ^_^

  • 1307 days ago

    Fyi – Meat eaters

  • 1311 days ago

    this is so cool! im showing this to my friends even though they dont support me

    • 1306 days ago

      thats bad i support u more than ur friends..and i dont even know yew! keep it up!!!!!!

  • 1328 days ago

    SAD )';

  • 1347 days ago

    Can you order these? I want some! (:

  • 1348 days ago

    This is so true. People just don’t know….we have to tell. I’m emailing this to A LOT of people. I’ve been vegetarian for 7 of my 13 years. Meat Sucks!

  • 1350 days ago

    I’ve been vegetarian for almost 2 years now, it is probably the best decision I have ever made!! I will go vegan as soon as I can afford to pay for it though .<

    Signed Kenzie from BC:)

  • 1363 days ago

    Been Vegan for 8 months now, and I’m proud to say that I will never go back! Veg4life :D

  • 1371 days ago

    I got to school with a few vegetarians. so i tried the last couple months of school and was OK with it!Now i know there’s puss in milk im SO going vegan!

  • 1387 days ago

    Just makes me even happier about being a vegan:)

  • 1399 days ago

    That is terrible! EWWWWW

  • 1399 days ago

    I think we can all agree that Americans eat too much meat. Most eat more than double a recommended serving in one meal. While I can’t say that I want to go veg, I am cutting my meat intake. I have “veg” days where I don’t eat the meat I normally would. Just think what we could do if every American just cut their meat intake. :)

  • 1402 days ago

    I totally love this!!I have been vegan for 1 year and 2 months and It started with great information like this.Is there anyway I could get this like a leaflet?

  • 1403 days ago

    aww gross I so wish I could go vegan :(

  • 1404 days ago

    I’m a vegetarian for now, because I can’t afford (nor can my parents afford) a separate ‘milk and eggs’ just for me, but when I can buy my own food, and wouldn’t have to buy the original milk and eggs, I will go vegan.

  • 1409 days ago

    It’s stuff like this that makes me glad that I am vegan

  • 1410 days ago

    I’ve showed this everybody! so informative and i like pictures heehee ^-^

  • 1415 days ago

    I’ve been a Pescetarian for 6 months now but… i feel bad about eating fishies >.< so Im going to "officially" become a vegetarian on monday. I've been eating a lot of vegetarian stuff already so it will be easy and the milk thing is just… ew. i think i'm gonna start drinking almond milk but other dairy products i eat too often to give up so idk if i could become a full vegan. Almond milk is a good start though :)

  • 1426 days ago

    Go vegan!

  • 1429 days ago

    I have been a vegetarian for six years :) There are many different types of vegetarians to chose from. Vegans don’t consume animal products whatsoever. Vegetarians don’t eat meat but they do consume dairy products. And then there’s the vegetarians that eat eggs & fish… etc. It is a very good feeling to know that you are doing something good for somebody or some things other than yourself. :)

  • 1429 days ago

    Hey, this should be a poster! I could put it in my room and/or my locker! :)

  • 1432 days ago

    urrgg my mom wont let me go vegitarian
    any ideas to convince her? (besides the cruel ways of killing animals and that its gross)

    • 1381 days ago

      Don’t let her stop you… Show her the crap ton of info on its health benefits, environmental benefits… whatever she cares about…

    • 1304 days ago

      My mom didn’t want me to go vegetarian, but I did anyways even though she trys to get me to eat meat I refuse. :) She supports me a little I suppose! So my opinion GO VEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1440 days ago

    I like it. It’s very visual.

  • 1448 days ago

    We just all need to go vegan!

  • 1449 days ago

    This is why I switched to being a vegetarian, and to drinking almond milk.

  • 1452 days ago

    I like how you set the whole infographic is up it .Really catches people attention.

  • 1488 days ago

    Wow that is a shock. I cant Believe i use to eat that. :O

  • 1490 days ago

    oh my, I really love this infographic. That’s surely disgusting, but it’s so great! XD At my school, we’re probably gonna use for a project – and that´s amazing =) I can’t wait to show people the truth behind the killing of animals.

  • 1494 days ago

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 8 and a half months now. My mom is very supportive and she spends the extra money to buy my tofu. My girlfriend has become a flexo-vegetarian when I told her about everything that happens. She is taking her first steps into the amazing world of vegetarians. My boyfriend isn’t as supportive but he loves me and doesn’t try to change my mind. Eating animals is wrong just like people eating people is wrong. Go PETA! Proud member for almost 2 years!


    Ashley, from here in little ol’ Indiana! :)

  • 1494 days ago

    Is there anyway that this can be sent to me? As a small poster? It would be great to put up on the bulletin board near my school’s cafeteria.

  • 1494 days ago

    i already am vegetarian and have been for about 3 years not so i half of my family but if i only eat free ranged cheese and milk then do i have to go vegan??? (i know i dont have to go vegan but i wan to help if being free ranged means i dont have to be vegan then its better)

    • 1381 days ago

      Free Range doesn’t necessarily mean cruelty free. For starters, the reason that cows make milk is to feed their babies and if we’re getting their milk, their babies aren’t… which usually means(even in free range situations) that the babies were taken from their mommies and sold for veal or other cruelty. And free range chickens are actually usually more susceptible to disease and harm because free range does not mean they are running free on pretty green farms… they’re just not crammed into cages, which means they can harm each other and give each other disease!

  • 1500 days ago

    this really grossed me out! ive been a vegetarian for a short time and i feel like its a very good descition i hope to inspire more people into becoming vegetarians

  • 1501 days ago

    I can’t believe milk has pus… YUCK! Watching the video of the people slaughtering the animals has turned me into a vegatarian. I never thought I would become one until I saw the video. It’s sad, sick, and demented all at the same time. Now, that I saw this infographic it makes me wanna become vegan and help save more animals.

  • 1503 days ago

    I don’t drink much milk, and i heard about the pus and milk thing a long time ago. my sister and i are vegetarian, and my parents support us , but still eat meat. ive been veg. for about 5 1/2 months. my brother thinks were crazy but his gf (she lives w/ us) is supporting too. she doesnt eat much meat. We live where people hunt and eat meat and slaughter there own farm animals, most think im crazy 4 being veg… but its okay, i just blow them off. although my friends are finne with it.(:

    GO VEGAN.. or vegetarian? lulz. im going vegan when i can afford my own food.:P

    Angie. from Washington state:3

    • 1395 days ago

      I agree! I plan on attempting to go vegan when I leave for college in a month

  • 1507 days ago

    I’ve been a vegetarian for about a month and a half and when I read this, I was drinking milk…

    GO VEG E’RYBODY! :)<3

  • 1508 days ago

    I became a vegetarian like 5 months ago and I think it was the best decition I have ever made. Instead my fathers doesnt like what I doing I will keep doing it the rest of my life. Come on everyone go veg! you wouldnt regret…

  • 1511 days ago

    I’m doing an extra credit project on how meat is bad for the environment and this is basically my only source for my entire project. XD It’s got great facts and it’s fun to look at!

  • 1512 days ago

    My friend showed me the peta2 video and i have loved animals all my life, i accually want to become a vet someday and after watching that it has turnt me into a vegetarian. Maybe i’ll try veganism since there’s pus in milk…yuck

  • 1513 days ago

    I want to thank you sooo much Peta!
    Thank you for saving lives! I’m supporting animals as much as I can I thing im doing a ggreat jod getting my friends to become vegan to!<3
    I became vegan when I was 11(!!!) I'm 14 now. This is great! people are finally informed..
    I want and need this as a poster! <3

  • 1520 days ago

    This poster is sooo awesome!!! I’m going to print it out and hang it up in my room and all over school!!! I’ve been vegetarian for two years and have been vegan on and off, but I plan to stay vegan in college. Thanks so much for what you do!! You guys are my heroes!!!

  • 1521 days ago

    I posted this on facebook ^-^ now they shall all know XD
    I <3 Animals!!!

  • 1521 days ago

    I honestly think it’s a shame that most youth say they can’t live without meat. They don’t know what they’re eating. Being vegetarian has greatly benefited me and I’m interested in going vegan now that I’ve been a vegetarian for a while :D
    Saving the planet and saving lives! Both animal and human <3

  • Eve

    1523 days ago

    I want to thank you sooo much Peta!
    Thank you for saving lives! I’m supporting animals as much as I can !<3
    I became vegetarian when I was 11(!!!) I'm 13 now. I'm going to b vegan! :)

  • 1523 days ago

    Is this chart scientifically proved? it seems excessive to make 1 lb of meat, really? if it is true, that blows my mind. I am vegetarian over 2 months now I am loosing weight and feeling great. I especially love being a part of stopping animal cruelty.

  • 1524 days ago

    this is great! people are finally informed..
    i want this as a poster! <3

  • 1526 days ago

    I am definitely sharing this on Facebook!

  • 1526 days ago

    I started to be a Vegeterian about 11 or so years ago,I’m 20 now.I’ve understood by myself since of young age that eating animals is just evil,gross and realy dumb.
    We need to change the human race,because from my eyes…The humans are the real monster.
    Shish,humans love to imagine monsters while they realy can’t figure out that every time they look in the mirror,they see one.
    I’m proud of those who seek to end the Evil ways which has eaten the mind of the humans race,while the majoraty of people are just selfish Demons…We represent a diffrent aspect!
    If humans are the intellegent ones,they should educated other animals,and help them with their situation…instead of dancing around and killing everything in the most brutal of ways while claming to be smart

  • 1529 days ago

    I love being a vegetarian, to bad most people won’t give it a try, they’re perfectly fine enjoying their greasy big Mac to take the time to think about what those animals go through.

  • 1529 days ago

    Ok, I will try my hardest not to eat so much meat, this is just gross…..FECES?! REALLY?!

  • 1531 days ago

    Yeah. We have to be all proud of us because we see the truth. It is a shame that most people don’t want to :(

  • 1533 days ago

    You guys did a great job on this. It makes me proud that I’m a vegetarian. It’s sad that people eat meat and don’t think about what went into it and the effects on themselves and the environment:(

  • 1534 days ago

    This is so awesome!!!

  • 1534 days ago

    I’m gonna have to share this!

  • 1535 days ago

    Im going to print out about 100 of these and pass them out as flyers everywhere! haha

  • 1535 days ago

    this is AWSOME!

  • 1535 days ago

    This thing is a work of awesome! And we all know how well good infographics convince people of stuff.

    But a tad about the pus milk stuff. Somatic cells are just any normal cell in an animal’s body, not actually pus on its own. Though milk from cows treated with rGBH tends to have a high amount of diseased cells, other milk is pretty darn pus-free.

    Time for me to start hatin’ carnivores more than Hummers though.

  • 1536 days ago

    I go to the Art Institute and my school has a room full of all kinds of printers and papers! I’m so printing this! But where to put it…..

  • 1536 days ago

    My friend is a vegan and i never understod why untill i saw that video what they do to thoes animals are RONG! no animal should be cut or beaten to death its not fair the chikens got there beaks cut off and they were still ALIVE! what if someone beat you and cut you and then like riped off your arm or head! its not fair there liveing just like us im not eating any meat any more! im going vegan! its so mean what they do! and its unfair to do that to a liveing animal you have to be mental! its unfair! we have to stop them :( poor pigs and cows and chikens and fish :( poor any animal who was ever tourcherd :( R-i-p Animals </3

  • 1536 days ago

    somatic cells are just normal cells that form in all mammals.

  • 1537 days ago

    I’ll definitely be passing this around to people I know.

  • 1537 days ago

    This is an awesome poster!! And it draws your attention too because of the colours. One of my co-workers said, “oh that looks pretty.” And I said, “what’s on it ain’t too pretty though!” I’ve been vegetarian for over 4 years now and I am so happy to be one! I am trying my best to eat more vegan though! This poster really opens your eyes to what meat-eating is all about! Thanks PETA!

  • 1537 days ago


  • 1537 days ago

    All God’s creations great and small deserve to be treated by their brethren with love, caring, concern and respect. The Bible parable that comes to mind is that in which Christ is speaking to his disciples about the souls that have gone to heaven, and as Father calls out to the souls”Come to me my good and faithful servants- When I was hungry, you fed me, when I was naked you clothed me, when I was homeless you sheltered me.” They asked- “Lord, when did we do these things to You”. He answered”… in as much as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me”- and then condemns the rest”Depart from Me you evil and wicked servants, for when I was hungry , you fed me not, and when I was naked you clothed me not and when I was homeless you sheltered me not… As kin we all should treat all our brethren according to God’s golden rules- and treat others as we would be treated ourselves. He gave us all life as well as free will- to do what is right and just.

  • 1537 days ago


  • 1537 days ago

    i think that PETA2 is so wonderful!
    always i learned a lot of new things :D
    just, i think that you should make a spanish page
    i´m from Mexico, and i don´t know to speak english(everyone saw this! u.u)
    and would be great to be away of the diccinary XD
    ohh, well
    thanks for read this
    i like to be a member of PETA2 :D
    Adios :D

  • 1537 days ago

    LOVE THIS!!!!!

  • 1537 days ago

    thank you sooo much!!!! I have just recently became a vegatarian like 3 days ago i just stoped eating meat and now that i saw this poster im really glad that im not eating it anymore!!

  • 1537 days ago

    We need to get the word out with more celebrities!

  • 1537 days ago

    awwwwww ill try not 2 eat meat anymore :'(

  • 1537 days ago

    Ohhhh! Gross! I have to sya, this is convincing me to try and be vegitarian- cross your fingers that I make it through!

  • 1537 days ago

    Great work! I’m going to circulate this widely. Thanks for creating it!

  • 1537 days ago

    Can I actually post these up around my school though? I honestly think i’m going to ask my librarian to put one in the library and possibly some around town because people need to know what’s occurring. I am a vegetarian right now but I aspire to be a vegan, I know big life goals. But it is difficult to be a vegan just because my family isn’t doing very well financially lately and I live in a small town so my gorcery store’s don’t carry a variety of ingredients needed for me to happily sustain a vegan lifestyle, but i’m doing all I can to help out!

  • 1537 days ago

    Thanks for makin this =) makes me feel good to be vegan =)

  • 1538 days ago

    I love this! Simple & easy to read. I’m printing out a couple to pass around campus :)

  • 1538 days ago

    meat eater should read this

  • 1538 days ago

    ew, since i read the fact about milk, ive been like, totally put of it! soya milk is the way forward:)

  • 1538 days ago

    @ Paige, that’s a good idea, I think I might do the same! I love this!

  • 1538 days ago

    Animals are sentinent living beings that are not to be used for food,clothing,fishing,hunting,trapping,experimenting,sports,entertainment,or ingredients by humans.

  • 1538 days ago

    I’ve become a vegan as of today in math class. so about 3:30 ish. A girl in my class showed me a bunch of stuff and i was so grossed out. i was about to puke! I love animals and always have.

  • 1539 days ago

    i love it i print it like 5 cpoy and gave to my P.E teachers and my friend and family relatives and they were to stunt and and shock about that sheet animal eating factsheet and they were so surprise what they find out about.

  • 1539 days ago

    i was very disturbed to know that i have been drinking puss and eating feces and that so mant animals die each day, thanks to this site that has revealed the truth, helping the world and it’s humans, i will now become a vegan, luckily, my favourite food is carrots :D love it!

  • 1540 days ago

    I am vegan and loving it ;)

  • 1541 days ago

    That looks awesome! good job guys

  • 1541 days ago

    I love this. I printed it out and hung it on my wall! Thank you!

  • 1542 days ago

    I’M IN LOVE!

  • 1542 days ago


  • 1542 days ago

    38,627 animals PER MINUTE!?!?! D':

  • 1542 days ago

    I love this!

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