Are You Eating BABIES?

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Posted July 30, 2014 by Nina Kahn

Hey! How does a nice steamin’ plate of dead babies sound to you right now?

dead baby dolls on a plate

Hmmm, maybe shoved in a bun? Barbecued? Would that make it better? No, still gross?

Well, did you know that many animals used for food are only babies when they’re slaughtered? Yep, babies are dying by the BILLIONS so that they can be used for meat. They’re routinely fed drugs and hormones to make them grow much larger and faster than they would naturally, and many are selectively bred to be abnormally large at a young age.

When you eat meat, you’re actually eating the flesh of tortured babies who suffered and were killed before they ever had a chance to live. Face the facts:


Average life span: 25 years

Average age at which they’re slaughtered: Under 3 years

Baby cows are torn away from their moms within days, hours, or even minutes of being born. And soon after, they are subjected to all kinds of f*cked-up torture: They’re branded with burning-hot irons and dehorned, and the males have their testicles ripped out—all WITHOUT painkillers. Calves used for veal are confined to tiny, dark crates designed to prohibit exercise and normal muscle growth so that their flesh will remain tender. They’re then slaughtered when they are just a few months old.


A worker burns off a calf’s sensitive horn tissue (the tissue that would normally grow into horns).


Average life span: 10 to 15 years

Average age at which they’re slaughtered: 6 months

Pigs on factory farm © Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Baby pigs on factory farms begin their lives nursing from mommas who are trapped in gestation crates. After a few weeks, they’re torn away to have their tails clipped off and the ends of their teeth cut off with pliers. The males are also castrated. As you may have guessed, this is all done without ANY painkillers. Living conditions are SO bad on many factory farms that some pigs die before they can be transported to slaughter. At the slaughterhouse, many pigs aren’t stunned correctly and therefore are still conscious when their throats are slit and when they reach the scalding tank, which is intended to soften their skin and remove their hair.

pig 9 thumping


Average life span: 10 to 15 years

Average age at which they’re slaughtered: 7 weeks


Chicks are hatched by the THOUSANDS in giant incubators. Days later, they are crammed into shipping crates and sent to factory farms. At 6 weeks old, 90 percent of broiler chickens on today’s factory farms are already so obese that they can’t walk. At the slaughterhouse, many chickens are still conscious when their throats are cut.

19. chicken electrocuted


Average life span: 10 years

Average age at which they’re slaughtered: 6 months

sad turkeys

When baby turkeys are just a few weeks old, they’re confined with thousands of other birds to windowless sheds, where they’ll spend the rest of their miserable and short lives. Parts of their toes and beaks are cut off without painkillers, as are the flaps of skin under the males’ chins, called “snoods.” Many turkeys die when they are only a few weeks old from “starve-out,” a stress-induced condition that causes young birds to stop eating.

Turkey on factory farm

And just because you’re not eating babies, that doesn’t mean you’re not being a huge asshole to them. The dairy and egg industries are also directly responsible for the routine abuse and slaughter of animals, including babies.

The Dairy Industry

The milk you buy at the grocery store didn’t just appear there, darlings. It came from a mother cow, who produced that milk for one reason and one reason only: to feed her baby calf. But instead of drinking their mothers’ milk, calves are given an artificial formula, and HUMANS drink the milk that was meant for them. Pretty twisted when you really think about it, right? Cow’s milk drinkers = baby milk stealers.

Once the baby calves are torn away from their moms, they face a fate way worse than artificial formula. Just like their mothers, the females will be hooked up to milk machines, shot up with antibiotics and hormones, and separated from baby after baby. The males? They are shipped off to feedlots to await slaughter or end up in veal crates, where they are confined in darkness before being killed at only a few months old.

The Egg Industry

In hatcheries, baby chicks are separated out shortly after birth. Females are sentenced to a life of misery on a factory farm, where they’ll lay eggs until their bodies are exhausted and their egg production drops. Then they’ll be slaughtered. When they’re still babies, a hot blade is used to cut off the tip of their sensitive beaks in a process called “debeaking”—which prevents them from pecking at each other out of stress.

Since males can’t lay eggs, they are simply tossed into trash bags to suffocate or thrown into high-speed grinders while they’re still alive. This happens to 100 million male chicks every year. Egg eaters = baby chick killers.


No matter how you slice it, eating meat means eating babies. So quit that sh*t and go vegan already!

meat and babies same thing

If you want to do more to help ALL animals—babies and adults alike—check out peta2’s new iPhone and iPad app so that you can kick ass for animals on the go!


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