Emery Tour Diary, Part Three!

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Posted September 28, 2004 by Rachelle Owen

Joel from Emery hooked us up with this latest installment of their tour diary. Check out parts one and two, then read on!
Whoa. Lots of stuff to write about. Heading into Chicago, you’Äôre going to drive through about a million toll booths. Jason and I were pretty much out of change by the time we got to the last one. There are the exact changes lanes, and there are the ones with people in case you don’Äôt have exact change. We began to roll through the exact change-forty cent lane with thirty-five cents. I figured, you know, thirty-five cents IS really close to forty. Jason threw the money into the basket, and much to our surprise, the gate didn’Äôt come up. Weird. So we sat there for about three minutes getting flipped off, cussed out, and laughed at. All the while, I’Äôm screaming at an attendant to help us. He didn’Äôt hear me. I think he was 120. Then, magically, the gate went up.
We played a show at Central College in Pella, IA. It was fun. They had a pep rally, I think it was homecoming or something, and afterwards we played. Name Taken was in their second song when the PA went out. For quite awhile. They got that straightened out, yada, yada, yada. While we were playing, I guess is when we found out that there wasn’Äôt a wall at the back of the stage. Josh was in the back drumming his heart out, when all of a sudden he wasn’Äôt drumming anymore. He was falling off the back of the stage, drum stool in hand. Crazy.
Man, we had some long a’Äîdrives those couple of days. I think Friday I was awake for like 21 hours straight. I drove until I started hallucinating at about 4 am.
Jason and I hit up this air/flight museum Saturday. It was pretty cool. They had flight simulators and this 4-D movie theater. I learned that a 4-D movie theater is really a 3-D movie theater where the seats move and they use smoke and stuff to make it more realistic. It was freaking cool. The flight simulator was way cool. It actually moved according to what you made it do. For example, when you did a barrel roll, the thing you were in rolled. Needless to say, we did a s-load of barrel rolls.
We played a big show in Detroit Saturday night. There were two shows going on in the same building, so they combined them. It was fun because we got to play with our old friends alexisonfire. Also there were Hopesfall and Moneen. Afterwards we drove to Toledo to meet up with our good friends The A.K.A.s. Man, I love those guys.
Been eating a lot of Denny’Äôs lately. The Boca burger is off the hook. That’Äôs all I ever eat when I go there. If you haven’Äôt tried it, I highly recommend it.
I’Äôm gonna take off now. Sorry this thing is so long, but a lot has happened and it’Äôs been awhile since I’Äôve written. I hope you’Äôre doing well. I’Äôll talk to you soon. Take care.
PS from Jason ’Äì Joel’Äôs Birthday is October 6th. You should go to and wish him a happy birthday!

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