Why Are These People Crying?

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Posted November 9, 2012 by peta2 staff

I still remember how I felt the first time I saw the way that animals are treated on factory farms. I was sad and angry, but most of all, I wanted to do something to stop it! I decided to stop eating rotting flesh that very same day.

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Watching that one video changed my life forever! It’s not easy to open our eyes to how animals suffer on factory farms, but it’s important to see and to urge others to take a stand. For many people, it’s the first time they are staring into the faces of the animals they call “steak,” “ham,” or “nugget.” There in front of them is the irrefutable evidence that their “entrée” was a cow who coughed and choked as the blood spilling from her slit throat ran down her face and covered the floor below, a pig who screamed and cried as he was burned to death in scalding-hot water, a chicken whose desperate squawks went unheeded as her broken legs were slammed into shackles and she stared past the long line of her friends to the whirring blades that would end her life.

Check out people’s reactions when watching factory farming video footage for the very first time:

Little girl watching PETA videoGirls watching PETA videoGirl shocked watching PETA videoCouple watching PETA videoGirl and boy crying watching PETA video

Ask your friends and family to watch the video, and let us know their reactions. Don’t forget to tell them that the best way that they can help animals is by going vegan.

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  • Profile photo of Muachi

    1426 days ago

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    I’m really glad that the video did make some people realize that those animals are what they are eating everyday. I know that some people cry when watching the video and decide to go vegan or vegetarian, but their decision never lasts and that saddens me…
    One of my friends go to read a book about animal farming in her English class and she was horrified by the content and stopped to eat meat. I was so happy for her, but then one week later she returned to eat meat. I guess either she forgot what she read or temptation was really strong…
    I don’t know… I was born as a vegetarian and ended up being vegan, so I’d rather die than eat meat. However, people who are used to eat meat… it’s not easy at all. I hope there’s a more efficient way, like, a really cruel, sad, horrible image/video that can be engraved in their mind and remind them to not eat meat.
    Just hopin’.

  • Profile photo of alexblue

    1440 days ago

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    I’ve seen this in action and it really does work…people become transfixed then shocked, then (hopefully) thoughtful about what they’re doing to participate in the whole horrible chain of cruelty. The only suggestion I have is to have on hand with the video a pile of brochures or “Go Vegan” kits so that people know what to do next. Especially include recipes or a mini cookbook with giant superyumful photos so people see that going vegan/animal-friendly is totally fun and satisfying in every way!

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