Five Ways Never to Be Silent on Facebook

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Posted March 13, 2012 by Christina

You’ve shared links and “liked” photos, so what more can you do for animals on Facebook? You’d be surprised! There are tons of other ways that you can use Facebook for good and not evil. 🙂

Here are five ways for you to speak up for animals on Facebook:

  1. Show your friends what you’re all about by updating your cover photo or profile picture to something animal rightsrelated. Use our cute seal Facebook cover here, or check out these sweet tools that will help you create your own photo.
  2. Sharing an investigative video is the best way to inform your Facebook peeps about what really happens on factory farms, inside laboratories, or even in animal shelters. Pick one of our YouTube videos, and share it!
  3. When we mention a company or an organization that abuses animals—Ringling Bros.SeaWorld, and CareerBuilder, just to name a few—make your voice heard by posting on its Facebook page and urging its employees to make positive changes for animals!
  4. Create your own petitions via Causes or any online petition site, and ask your Facebook peeps to sign them. You can start an online petition about any change that you’d like to see—for example, you could create a petition asking Kim Kardashian to quit wearing fur or asking your school to stop using animals in the classroom.
  5. Add life events to your timeline, such as when you went vegetarian, when you went vegan, or when you organized a protest! It’s a great way to share all the awesome things that you’ve done for animals!

Oh, and don’t forget to add Street Team staffers Rachel O.Rachel S.Whitney, and me on Facebook for some solidarity!

Never be silent!



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