From Indian Lakes Video Premiere

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Posted October 26, 2012 by peta2 staff

From Indian Lakes is one of those bands whose name came seemingly out of nowhere, only to end up on the lips of everyone with a finger on the pulse of the up-and-coming music scene. As critical praise for their upcoming release continues to spread, the murmur of message board approval grows louder. For fans of The Graduate, Bombay Bicycle Club, Circa Survive, and heartfelt songwriting in general, we’re happy to bring you the premiere of “I Don’t Know You” from the band’s upcoming November 13 release of Able Bodies.

I recently caught up with vocalist Joey Vannucchi to discuss the band’s inception and his animal rights sympathies:

1. Tell us about From Indian Lakes—how did things start and what do you guys have going on that readers should check out? 

I started Songs From Indian Lakes at our drummer’s house in Indian Lakes near Yosemite National Park, and it soon turned into a full band with my friends from growing up. We released a full-length and have toured nonstop for the last couple years on it. Now we are finally about to release a new album titled Able Bodies on November 13. Everyone can pre-order it on CD or vinyl right now, and we will be playing songs off of it on an upcoming West Coast tour.

2. What was your first introduction to peta2 or other animal rights organizations?

Warped Tour ’08, I believe. There was someone walking up and down the lines trying to get kids to sign a petition.

3. How did growing up around animals shape your views on how animals are treated for food, in entertainment, and in other areas where animals are often exploited? 

As I was growing up, we moved to a small mountain community where everyone raised animals for milk and eggs and such who were like part of the family, and we had plenty of dogs and cats around to fend off coyotes and watch over the gardening by fighting off the gophers. With this sort of upbringing, I have always had a hard time understanding the products that people have decided are OK to eat, for health and moral reasons.

4. What animal rights issues are you most passionate about raising awareness for? What advice would you give readers who are interested in learning more and getting involved?

As someone who is passionate about food, I really care about what I eat on tour and where it comes from. Advice to readers I guess would be that even if it’s just for health reasons, they should care more about an animal’s rights because it usually leads to healthier eating. If you don’t want to spend hours researching online, you can always watch a few great documentaries on the meat industry on Netflix.

5. What new albums have you been obsessed with lately that everyone should listen to?

I really love the new Avett Brothers, and I just started listening to the new Band of Horses album. I did just discover a cool band called Sun Hotel that is pretty great—really moody, lo-fi rock stuff.




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    1449 days ago

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    Supercool tune…great for cruising in the car. 🙂

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    1453 days ago

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    My ears were pleasantly surprised by this.

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