14 Problems Only Vegans Will Understand

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Posted April 24, 2014 by peta2 staff

1. When you have no self-control at the health-food store:

vegan food products


2. Getting these motherfudgers open:

Beyond impossible … but oh so worth it.

3. Going overboard on your e.l.f. haul.

elf makeup

Um, you can’t really blame me. Everything is vegan and super-cheap, aka “heaven”!

4. When vegan meat is just too … real.

tofurky kielbasa sausage


“It tastes just like meat! I’m, like, a little freaked out.”

5. Going to a new Taco Bell that doesn’t know your order by .

taco bell vegan options

6. Not being able to control your cat obsession.

cat clothes


7. THIS:

funny vegan meme

8. Trying to eat healthy, but then remembering that Oreos are vegan!


Look away! I’m going to kill this bag of Oreos, and it won’t be pretty.

9. When people’s response to anything is just “bacon.” Ugh.

annoying bacon comment annoying bacon comment annoying bacon comment

eye roll gif

Like, you do know that’s not even a real argument, right?

10. When the lighting is off, and your food photos are not up to par.

vegan food photos


11. When your date forgets that you’re vegan. *SIGH*

taylor circus tickets

Nah, boy, nah.

12. Chipotle running out of guacamole is basically your biggest nightmare.

out of guacamole cry


13. When this happens:

vegan shoes instagram post

 Really, bish? REALLY?!

14. When everyone wants to “try” your vegan lunch, and you’re left with nothing.

everyone wants vegan food

Yes, I know it’s delicious … that’s why I made it.

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  • Profile photo of SavingAnimals

    802 days ago

    I totally agree with number 14, I once told my friend that I’d drive her to the store and buy her the stuff so she could be vegan and not eat my lunch. And she thought I was joking.

  • Profile photo of SavingAnimals

    802 days ago

    I love this!

  • Profile photo of hakred

    812 days ago

    Taco Bell, it’s not that difficult.. 🙂

  • Profile photo of matthall16

    812 days ago

    # 14 My sister eats my “chicken” tacos all the time and I’m left with beans. Haha

  • Profile photo of Jenikay3

    823 days ago

    Number 14 is my own personal hell. My friends might as well be vegans for all of my food they steal.

  • Profile photo of haleygallerani

    824 days ago

    Number 1, 2, 7, and 9 are soooo true for me!

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