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Posted March 8, 2012 by peta2 staff

Hey, Street Teamers and newcomers! Want to see some of the great work that our peta2 Street Teamers have been doing to help animals? I thought so! If you haven’t joined yet, be sure to get on that. When you join, you can complete missions and actions to help animals and we’ll award you points that you can exchange for cool merch. Pretty nifty, right?! 🙂

Here are four missions that Street Teamers recently completed to help animals:

Not only are dairy products super unhealthy, they also come from a very cruel industry. To help cows, snap a pic of yourself holding your fave nondairy milk, post the pic on Facebook, and tag the “Got Milk?” Facebook page! In the photo above, one of our great activists sports a cruelty-free mustache and rice milk. Click here for more details!

Have you thought about asking your fam to join you in going vegan this year? Write a quick note about the health benefits of veganism, how many animals are killed each year for their flesh, or how meat affects the environment, and get ready to inspire your family.

Tea drinker like me? Grab a cruelty-free tea bag from your kitchen, and mail a letter to Nestlé to tell the company that you won’t drink Nestea until it stops testing on animals! Click here to check out this quick, easy, and super-effective mission.

Want to make a statement with your phone? It’s super easy. Just place one of our stickers on your cell phone! People will see it wherever you go and ask about it. They may even want one! Check out our mission here, and if you don’t have any stickers, order some for free! 🙂


Every mission that you complete helps animals, whether it’s raising the awareness of your friends and fam or directly contacting a person or company. Remember that anyone can make a difference and that we must speak out when animals are being abused and exploited.

What’s your favorite peta2 mission? Tell us in the comments section! 🙂



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