'Glee' Star Lea Michele's Q&A With peta2

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Posted January 6, 2011 by peta2 staff

Glee actor, vegan beauty, and peta2 pal Lea Michele is once again showing that she’s got a heart to match her lovely voice by calling for an end to the “dangerous” and “scary” horse-drawn carriage industry in new video and print PSAs for peta2. Horses who are forced to pull carriages endure long workdays while exposed to extreme temperatures and dangerous traffic and are often denied adequate rest, water, and food.

Lea sat down for an interview with peta2 to discuss the miserable conditions that she’s seen these animals endure, and she hopes that others will join her in the campaign to shut down the horse-drawn carriage industry.

Check out Lea’s new print PSA and video exposé here.

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  • 1914 days ago

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    thankyou soo much Lea !!! you make a are a person who thought the exact same thing as me.How would any of you people out there like to be hauling a carriage (which weigh tons and think of the tourists they have to pull too!!) all day long in the danger of cars lorries and the busy traffic that looks impossible to cross (i live in the UK so im not sure how people can get through it all with out being hit)?If you got on all four nd climbed up and down your stairs four timesthats what these beauties go through every day.How would you like to have dirty water and a so called stall which is more like a closet,to try and sleep in?? Well these gorgeous cretures work till death to give touristsa ride around town.If to many people disagree on stopping this torture then maybe you could split off a site where NO VEIHCLES ALLOWED and HORSE CARRIAGES ONLY so people can still enjoy a SHORT ride.Also these horses would be given their dream come true.Something called a stable.Would you like to help ?Give these horses a chance.Why do they deserve this? Please help.Thankyou xx

  • 2058 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    Hopefully such a popular star will make the horses plight more widely known.

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